SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The MORE Caucus Can't Get It's Cheese Right

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The MORE Caucus Can't Get It's Cheese Right

You know that seen from the Three Stooges in which Curly upon seeing a mouse goes batshit crazy screaming, "Moe, Larry, the cheese, Moe, Larry, the cheese..."? MORE has become Curly. Or rather, Curly is smarter than anyone currently in MORE.

Think about it. If Curly were in MORE and needed the cheese he would first be asked to assure those in MORE that the cheese he wants his not GMO and that it is pre-approved by PETA. Soon there will be breakout groups and discussions on the type of cheese and if the workers struggled to make the cheese. Then someone would throw a hissy fit because Curely would go "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk," when he he sees a female. Well, you know...

MORE would fuck up Curly's cheese. Just give him the damn cheese and be done.

I say this because while I had found out that MORE was planning a retreat, which I think was a great idea (In theory) they again overthought the matter a dang fucked up again.

Why choose Ithaca NY? I love Ithaca, I was there in February with my son touring Ithaca College. It was beautiful then. I can only imagine how nice it is in August. But Ithaca is super liberal town. Again, perception.

But once in Ithaca one can stay at one of the chain hotels? No, not with MORE. The EcoVillage, where one can be...

...part of a global movement of people seeking to create positive solutions to the social, environmental and economic crises our planet faces.

BARF! Again perception.

Right there MORE is showing it wants to make its bonafides with the Shining Path Red Star Javier Chavista Hipsters.

Want to do something right? There are plenty of small towns and small cities in upstate New York that are economic basket cases. Ithaca is not one of them. Hudson, Binghamton, Ellenville, Poughkeepsie, Monticello, Elmira, Corning (so-so), Columbia County, the Southern Tier, that a decent hotel could have been found, perhaps a golf course, or even better a casino. But MORE chose to make themselves feel good instead of putting money in the pockets of those who need it.

I touched on this topic back in April when I wrote about how the Democrats are out of touch. MORE is nothing better than the current state of the Democratic Party.

Two weeks go we drove through Western New York and the Southern Tier and I saw the towns that were dead. That are dying. That need help. I was going to write this blog about the rest of the agenda, which let me just quickly touch on.

Not one mention of anything to do with the desperate state of the emotional, financial, and professional needs of teachers as well as not one thing on the agenda about MORE looking inward in how it has gone off the rails and decides rules on the whim, how one person has become the de facto "big head" and rules by fiat. No mea culpas, no "OMG, what have we done," no nothing. But I digress.

MORE, or at least those members that just sit around and sniff their own farts all day...Dare I name them? OK, two of them are "The Special Little Boy" and Greg Marmalard. Dinner on me if you can guess who I am talking about. But I have digressed again.

As I was saying. Time for MORE to stop worrying about itself and this "stuggle" and agenda and trying to get kudos from the ISO crowd and start rolling up its sleeves and doing something for others, not themselves.


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Anonymous said...

Don't forget that they stole money -including several thousand dollars that had been donated with the intent of bringing all of the different groups together under one roof AND money that had been collected from dues paying members- in order to pay for this "left only" trip they took to the middle of nowhere. I don't know why everybody lets them off the hook for these dishonest financial improprieties. If the UFT had done this they would be called out on it.

Anonymous said...

The MORE retreat discusses elections cynically about using New Action as useful idiots to do the heavy lifting while MORE runs a minimal slate of 40 and uses the elections just to get its propaganda out with no intention of winning. The comments from ISO members are always aligned since ISO decides beforehand what positions to push in MORE and everyone and their fellow travelers go along. While making it look like MORE members will decide, it is clear that ISO has already decided to run a slate of 40 and will work behind the scenes to get the rest of MORE to go along. Will New Action be dumb enough to be sucked in?

Bill from ISO

I think it is worth it to at least discuss in the context of a more healthy caucus in which we are pulling in the same direction, but contesting would definitely pose some tricky questions. Either way, I would support the way that Kit put it in his strategy doc -- that our run in the elections are subordinate to our contract campaign/building rank and file power -- and I would support elevating that to a level of principle for the caucus.

Peter - from ISO
Contract debates have a lot more resonance with teachers than elections. The only reason why it’s even worth talking about running in the election, is that it is possible to run a more limited campaign. If you run with at least 40 people, you become a slate. We could run a limited slate along with New Action and just use it as MORE propaganda, and New Action could do a lot of the leafleting and get a lot of petitions signed. We need to weigh the cost in time and energy, with the benefit which is access to schools. There is a range of options on the table.

Anonymous said...

The above was in response to a non-ISO member who was asking why the elections were even on the agenda:
- "I thought we had decided nearly unanimously to not contest them"

They probably did decide but ISO members changed the agenda.
That guy who asked the question may not know he is being used as another useful idiot.

Unknown said...

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