Sunday, September 16, 2018

Timmy the ATR Widget

Meet Timmy. Tim says hi. Timmy is an ATR. Tim has been an ATR for some time now.
Timmy always puts his best face forward when arriving to a new school and always bent over backwards for the school community. Timmy, while he doesn't love being an ATR, wants to do what's best for the kids. The students in the schools where Timmy has been have liked him.

Timmy has a masters degree in Educational Widgets. Timmy at one time had been a widget staff developer as well as a widget coordinator in his school. Timmy knows his widgets. Timmy has been to many a school where the widgets are not being integrated with the curriculum. Timmy's widget knowledge would, in theory, be beneficial to whatever school he is in.

Over the summer there was a posting for a widget staff developer working out of the Widget Department at Central. Timmy was excited. Timmy read the requirements and while he did not have some, he had most. This position would be perfect for Timmy.

Timmy wrote a great cover letter and spruced up his resumé. He emailed it in by the deadline. All Tim wanted was an interview. Nothing more or nothing less. Timmy didn't want anything handed to him.

Timmy knew getting the position would be a long shot. But Timmy was thinking. Central is already paying his salary. Wouldn't Central rather pay Tim's salary having Timmy contributing and doing something that would benefit the students if not all of mankind?

It's been almost a month, and Timmy hasn't heard back. Timmy doubts he will get the position let alone be interviewed. Timmy is stoic. Timmy will not give up on getting a permanent position.

Poor Timmy.


Anonymous said...

I would hate to disappoint Timmy. If the powers that be wished to place the ATRs, it could be accomplished in a fortnight. The goal, however, is to harass ATRs by use of psychological intimidation techniques.

Abigail Shure

Pete Zucker said...

Timmy is sad.

Anonymous said...

This Timmy is long past caring.

Anonymous said...

timothy said he loves his position and would not trade it for some neophyte teacher doing lesson plans all night. jeez louise this gig is the best gig in town... i make hundred thou, have half million in tda and watch the twenty something year olds have a ball with ten cents in their pocket...

Anonymous said...

Pete are you mocking those that still care?

Pete Zucker said...

Not at all.