SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: BREAKING!! The ATRs and the New Contract!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

BREAKING!! The ATRs and the New Contract!!!

Today was exciting. There is a new contract agreed upon between the UFT and the
NYCDOE. Yippee! We all got the emails today from Uncle Mike Mulgrew which was more or less highlights which barely touched on details.

But right now I just want to touch on the part of the contract that will pertain to ATRs.

First, I want to dispel the rumor that I have read first hand that ATRs will be disbanded, not by layoffs, but rather than placing ATRs in schools. Like forced placements. That is not happening.

As James Eterno and Arthur Goldstein mentioned, the date that ATRs are placed in openings in the license area has been moved from October 15 to day one of the school year. This makes sense. Does no one any good to start in October.

But there is more.

The Crack Team has learned through sources within the UFT that schools won't be penalized financially anymore for hiring an ATR with a high salary. For instance: Say a school has all first year teachers and 22 year ATR is hired. Ordinarily that ATRs salary would raise the average of the school's teachers salaries. Now, that ATR, that expensive ATR's salary will be seen as on par (Haven't a clue how this is being worked out) with the 1st year teachers salaries. That teacher making $119k won't skew the schools budget. Again, the devil is in the details.

Something else that is new is a new program that will hire ATRs into a program called 4x4. ATRs will be hired into schools (This will start of as a pilot program) in which ATRs will work with small groups of students in group literacy intervention. You won't need a reading license to do this. The curriculum will be scripted out and the cost borne by the DOE. In my opinion this is a long time coming. I have always wondered why ATRs are forced to do menial sub work when they could be better used to target in need students either individually or in small groups. But as usual, the devil is in the details.

But we don't have the details and neither will the DA tomorrow night until after a vote. Why the UFT couldn't wait until Monday to have the DA ratify the contract boggles the mind. Shabbas candles are lit tomorrow at 6:02 PM. It would be safe to assume that some CL's and delegates are Observant Jews.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome news for ATR's! It would have been great if the new deal also got rid of the Fair Student Funding so veteran teachers would be able to transfer without principals having their budget effected.

Anonymous said...

It’s all BS. There will be very few vacancies as of 9/1, except for the most dangerous warehouses. As for small focused literary intervention this will be instituted like a SAVE room coverage, which many ATRs will be covering at least three times a day, now that the new contract brings up the old contract- that every school has to have a SAVE room. This contract changes absolutely nothing for ATRs, other than maybe sticking us in some shithole for a year with the hope of a heart attack, an assault, termination or retirement. There’s tons of ATRs that are CTE/VocEd licensed and there are no potential openings for them, as those classes have largely been eliminated. ATRs don’t believe the BS - go to the ATR annual meeting and ask important questions about something other than toilet keys.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn’t the details be presented before the vote, not after? There’s a reason for the rush and it isn’t good - there something hidden that’s being pushed through.

Anonymous said...

Parental leaves and SAVE rooms will ensure very few ATRs will be chosen for a 4X4 literacy program. Even if chosen it will be a lackey position to do the same thing we are doing now, cover out of control classes. Sorry if I burst anyone's bubble.