SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Mike Mulgrew Show Us Some Love

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Mike Mulgrew Show Us Some Love

As much I as I think that Pat Lynch, President of the NYPD's Police Benevolent Association, can be a dickhead at times there is something consistent about him. There perception, if not the reality, that he is in every cops corner is always there.

A cop is falsely accused of something? There is Lynch in front of cameras and microphones backing the cop quite vociferously.

Higher ups aren't following the contract? Again, Lynch is there.

Putting his money where one's mouth is? Talking the talk and walking the walk? There, as always, is Lynch's loud mouth.

Now let's compare to the UFT.

ATR being intimidated by students? Nary a word from Uncle Mike Mulgrew.

Teacher losing his job--due to some unwritten mystery regulation-- for playing 20 minutes of Fortnite? Crickets from 52 Broadway.

A teacher brought up on 3020-a charges for taking students to lunch? Probably the most frivolous charges I have seen since this, what do we see? Averting eyes.

Abusive principals? Corrupt principals? The phalanx of lawyers ensconced at 100 Gold St? Silence and more silence.

Yeah, I see a bit of a change emanating from 52 Broadway. Yes, there are new "safeguards" in the new contract. But the paper it is written on is cheap. The follow through, or should I say the consistent follow through, is priceless.

Why do teachers have to go through their careers wondering if Uncle Mike loves them? Just let us know you love us. Let us know you care. Let us know you have our backs. Give us some sugar.

Think of it this way. If Mulgrew gives is what we need think of all the money the welfare fund can save on doling out less and less psycho-pharmaceuticals to members.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to say nothing is going to change. Look at the response your blog is getting--- nobody is up in arms about what is happening. Teachers just don't care anymore. We are too beaten down to even give a shit anymore. Just trying to make it to the end of the day, to the break, to June....whatever. Nobody cares.

Pete Zucker said...

I don't know if it that "no one cares." Mind you, I am, not saying you are incorrect, but I think it is more that we are just nothing surprises anyone anymore and there is a "fuck it" kind of attitude.

Anonymous said...

Mulgrew was chosen by Weingarten - Lynch by the rank and file. That’s the huge difference. Mulgrew isn’t qualified to be anything other than a carpenter’s helper and that’s why Weingarten chose him. Hes her puppet,

Abigail Shure said...

And Weingarten is a puppet of Bill Gates? Hillary Clinton?

Anonymous said...

She’s a puppet to whomever will get her what she wants - Secretary of Education.