SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Christopher Vasquez Hates the UFT. Or He Loves the UFT? But He Seemingly Wants to Violate Me in a Vile Manner.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Christopher Vasquez Hates the UFT. Or He Loves the UFT? But He Seemingly Wants to Violate Me in a Vile Manner.

We here at SBSB wish to thank Chris Vasquez, formerly of Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation and Mount Vernon High School, for the shitloads of quality material he is supplying. As was mentioned at The Crack Team's last meeting, "Keep it up, Chris! There is gold in your little mind!"

Why not write about Chris? Here is failed (Terminated twice!) teacher that has no qualms violating teachers privacy, while scaring and intimidating a mostly female Facebook teacher's group. On top of that he is nothing but an outsider, looking in for eternity, while bashing my union. Want to bash the UFT, be a UFT member, not some outside inane drone.

Last night, Chris tweeted this(click to enlarge)...

So Chris is saving something for the next UFT election? Could it be invitations to his next birthday party? Or does he, along with his Patrón, have some secret method or formula to wrest control from Unity in the next UFT election in 2022? Good luck to that. It ain't happening. New Action/MORE had the best chance to build momentum from 2016 and we see how well that went. Chris' Patrón saw how low MORE sunk so let Chris keep rubbing one out in the corner while he fantasizes.

But he is bartering his ceasing to "overthrow" the UFT he claims that he left a clue or something for him to cease. Thanks to hard work from The Crack Team, it is now known what Chris left them.

All UFT members at the borough offices and 52 Broadway please pay attention.

Next month on specially branded King Vitamin cereal boxes there will be a treasure map on the back. Inside all boxes will be special "decoder glasses." Put the glasses on and look at the map. Doing this will lead you to where Chris left the "means." We here at SBSB salute Chris and his feeble ingenuity.

But we here at SBSB are confused. Whilst Chris obviously loathes the UFT, he just can't seem to let the UFT be a memory in his rear view memory (click to enlarge).

So Chris seems confused.Chris comes across has someone hurt by the UFT and has some bad feelings. Yet, in looking out for Chris he'll overlook everything if he gets a contract to work for the UFT. Doing what exactly? Maybe Chris can be a concierge? If Chris can promise me two tickets for the Nets-Heat game on January 10, I will welcome him with open arms at the UFT Welcome Center.

But it seems yet again that Chris is misplacing, or at least ignoring, his principles for personal gain. Why not? Chris learned well from his Patrón.

But most disturbingly is (click to enlarge)...

Seems Chris not only wants to shag me, but actually rape me in a church basement.

It is a compliment that at my age anyone finds me sexy, so thank you Chris. I try to do my best.

But it's not that I don't want to believe the data. I don't want to believe Chris' convoluted per-determined data that emanates from Chris' feeble brain.

On the other hand, I think Chris is a sick fuck to not only joke about rape but the fact that Chris has ideations of rape should preclude him from not only ever being employed by the United Federation of Employees but any public school system in New York State and/or the United States.

Women are raped day in and day out, and Chris Vasquez thinks nothing better than to joke about rape? Or maybe he is not joking at all?

Chris has apparently crossed the event horizon and is out of control. Chris seemingly shows that he is all about himself and for himself. That his needs alone are all that matters.

Chris it's time. It's not to late. Break free from the shackles that your Patrón has put you in. It is time to no longer be emasculated.

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Anonymous said...

Chris is unwell. I worked with him at Mount Vernon. He didn’t care about teaching just making a name for himself.