SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Governor Andrew Cuomo is Still a D**k

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Governor Andrew Cuomo is Still a D**k

You can't change the spots on a jaguar. A scorpion is always going to sting. You can't
change the stripes on a tiger. You can't make shit from shinola. You can't make chicken salad from chicken shit.

And you can't keep Andrew Cuomo from being a dick.

He just can't help himself. Must be in his DNA. He didn't get it from his father. Maybe he is adopted or was dropped on his head as a boy.

Compared to the 5 year old, we have as a president I was giving kudos to Cuomo in the job he was doing the last 6-7 weeks. Yes, he was slow in coming around. He fucked up with the nursing homes, but he came across knowledgeable and compassionate.

He was earning rock star status. I know many people who were like, "Ohhhh, he's so kewl. He's the best." I did everything I could to throw cold water and saying that yes, I will give him credit for doing something undickish, let's go over what he has done in the past in which he was a dick, especially to teachers. He basically wanted to destroy our profession and destroy education in New York State.

But maybe, just maybe, he would rest on his laurels of the last 6-7 weeks. Maybe he would say to himself, "Self, I have rock star status, I don't need to be a dick." No he couldn't help himself. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing, a dog that can't be taught new tricks.
"I want to work with Bill Gates to re-imagine education in New York State."
Dear God, he said that. Why? After all we been through, why? And why now?

Oh yeah, remote learning so he says has changed how we should see learning. Where's the facepalm emoji on this blogger thing? (Read Arthur for a more detailed and mature take on Cuomo's dickiness.)

I agree with what Mulgrew said at the most recent UFT town hall that this remote stuff is here to stay. It is. But how is it going to stay?

If it is replacement. Bad. If it supports and supplements learning, then no problem. But Cuomo can't do that especially when he's reenlisting his partner in crime, Bill Gates.

Why Gates? Please, hasn't that ship sailed? Look at Cuomo's task force for the Corona Virus task force....
  • Linda Lacewell, Department of Financial Services, Superintendent
  • Dr. Howard Zucker, Department of Health, Commissioner
  • Melissa DeRosa, Secretary to the Governor
  • Beth Garvey, Special Counsel
  • Gareth Rhodes, Department of Financial Services, Deputy Superintendent
  • Simonida Subotic, Deputy Secretary for Economic Development
  • Kelly Cummings, Director of State Operations and Infrastructure
  • Michael Kopy, Director of Emergency Management
  • Patrick Murphy, Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, Commissioner
  • RoAnn Destito, Office of General Services, Commissioner
  • Pat Foye, MTA, Chairman & CEO
  • Rick Cotton, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Executive Director
  • Dan Fuller, Deputy Secretary for Education
  • Sandra Beattie, Division of Budget, Deputy Director
I'm not going to get into the competency of any of the above mentioned people, but looking at their job descriptions one can adequately surmise that each brings knowledge of their area of expertise to the larger undertaking of this virus. That's what is needed.

If I am going to get advice on how to run a bakery I am not going to ask a gardener.

So why is Cuomo going back to what has failed in the past, what we are seeing now was never needed and a complete waste of money?

Want to re-imagine education in New York State, Andy? Go to the stakeholders. The teachers of New York State. Not the E4E types, not the charter school type, the real teachers. The teachers that work for a living. Heck even retirees. And NO EVA MOSKOWITZ!!!!!

What about parents? Why can't they help out Cuomo? How about high school and college students. Maybe a gardener or two?

It really doesn't take that much to re-imagine education. It's quite simple. Use the words I said to my son when I dropped him off at college, "Don't be stupid." That simple.

 This is all about money, power, and Cuomo being a dick because he is not happy with his dick. Just leave well enough alone Chris' brother.


Mary Kathrina said...

I was just about to start forgiving Governor Cuomo Then you, Mindy, Betty & Cuomo Watch come knock out my retro amnesia,

Anonymous said...

Bill Gates is being seen as an expert in corona virus due to his comments in the past about pandemics. Gates is involved in everything. Too bad not much has improved in education because sadly a lot of the "results" are fake.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, sometimes the right decisions are not made due to inexperience and no one back a few months ago that this was going to become what it is currently. Who could have imagined that NYC public schools and schools all around the United States and globally would close, along with businesses. Between Cuomo and De Blasio, Cuomo did state that he is in favor of closing schools giving De Blasio the hint to announce it in which he did not (back in March). Cuomo and De Blasio are in a political shit show.

Unfortunately, it is unknown what will happen in September in terms of schools. This virus can stay for a long period of time and planning is essential. They should have more teachers and educators of other titles involved in this task force. Maybe teachers do not qualify to be on this task force. After all, they will be the ones teaching and overseeing instruction which obviously is not a qualification to be in the task force.

Anonymous said...

I have been dreaming of revamping the NYC school system for years. I had a glimmer of hope; I know, silly me. After seeing the task force, Gates getting involved, Cuomo and DeBlasio being same as usual, teaching and learning in NYC will just continue being dog and pony show.