SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Time For De Blasio to F**k the Cops Same Way He Does Teachers

Friday, October 9, 2020

Time For De Blasio to F**k the Cops Same Way He Does Teachers

I am really getting tired of this shit with the retro pay. How can such a simple thing

be so fucked up? 

I was suspended in 2015 when the first payment went out. Of course I found out that suspended meant technically "on leave" so I was to get nothing. In 2016 there was to be no retro pay for anyone, some type of religious and/or spiritual retro leap year. For 2017, I was all excited because I was told that since I did not get retro in 2015 my retro check would be doubled. This info coming from several within the UFT. Nope. I just got 12 1/2%. Same in 2018, but my check was short by $700 or so because the DOE claimed they overpaid me the previous year. I did a payroll grievance and never really saw definitive proof. This year, well, we know how we are getting fucked for 2020. And this is not supposed to be my last payment. I still have a payment next year.

My 2018 Per Session retro check never came. Why you ask? Because even though I got a per session retro check the previous year, when I called per session payroll they shared with me that I had not worked per session between 2009-2014. But, I implored the crazy person I was talking to, if this were true how then did I get per session last year? On the day of the grievance, they realized they were wrong (I really wish there were a faceplam emoji on this dang blogger).

But enough of me.

So now it has come to this. Something so simple to handle became a shitstorm. Every union in the city got a lump sum retro check except the UFT. Of course, that is how the universe is supposed to work. Other unions get over on the city we take it up the ass day after fucking day. 

But why do we have to give back in this time of need? What about the NYPD? 

Did you know that each and every non-disability retired member of the NYPD, and the FDNY receives a Christmas bonus of $12k? Why, you ask? 

Let's go to Staten Island Live and find out...

The payment emerged from an agreement made between union and city leaders in 1968 at a time when the city was trying to increase its investment return of pension funds by diversifying portfolios.

Wait, there is more. A report by the non-partisan Citizens Budget Commission says these so called bonuses weaken the pension plans of of all city employees. In fact CBC Vice President Maria Doulis says...

“Phasing out or eliminating the VSF should be part of the mayor and City Council’s agenda in Albany next year,”

Think how much money the city can save? Yet, the rank and file cop will never have his or her "perks" cut. Because God forbid someone says something or does something bad against the cops. Mind you, I am not denouncing police nor for defunding the police. I'm just pointing out unfairness/

But if a FDNY or NYPD member retires in their mid 40's they can be collection for over forty years. Can't the NYPD or FDNY share the pain? Of course not, their union presidents would go batshit crazy!!!!!!

NYPD officers also receive almost $1k a year, $980 in uniform allowance. For a few shirts and pants? And black Skechers? Every uniform cop? Or is this every cop, including detectives? What about a cop that is a house mouse? He or she is never getting the uniform dirty. Can't that be reduced during this time of need? Our Teacher's Choice money is always fucked with. Why not fuck with NYPD's uniform allowance? Aren't materials for our students just as important as nice looking uniforms for cops? Besides a lot of cops still live with their mommies so mom can clean and press the uniforms to keep it looking nice. Mommy can clean the donut stains.

NYPD officers also receive $2k in January and July for holiday pay. Why not not give it out this January and this past July? Can't the cops of New York City take one for the team? 

Cops are still getting their overtime? Heck, guess what? In a few short weeks NYPD will be on 12 hour shifts. Every day. Where is our overtime?

But as I was writing this just about 10 minutes ago at 6:01 PM EDT I found that the UFT and the city reached agreement. 50% in October, 50% in July, no layoffs, 3% raise in May.

 Back to our regularly scheduled program.

If De Blasio really wished to save money within the DOE? Stop with the waste. Stop with elementary schools with enrollment under 500 students have multiple AP's. Across the board 20% pay cuts for all non union sycophantic wastes of human life that work at Tweed. Two coaches or whatever they are called per school. There are too many schools that are top heavy with positions filled by those that suckle at the sphincter of the principal. Shit the school I am at has 2 principals, about 4 or 5 useless coaches as well as a useless UFT center person. Go figure.

Time for the De Blasio to grow a set of balls with the NYPD. Make cuts to their perks. Not permanent of course, but temporary. Teachers are just as important, but in a different way, than cops. At least we don't kill people of color. 

And while we are at it. Where the frig is my pay for giving up my spring vacation? I figure that is about $4500 I am missing out on. Yeah, I know. The cops gave up their days off and vacations in July when they went to 12 shifts, 7 days a week. But they were getting OVERTIME. It helps.

Lastly, my dad used to tell me that no one can take advantage of you unless you give them permission. Think about it. We and the UFT keep getting fucked. We give the UFT permission. The UFT gives De Blasio permission. Time we do the fucking.


Unknown said...

I feel your pain but half of what you wrote diminishes the value of your point. I can't share this... you're a teacher...and you made it personal. None of our jobs are easy... that is for sure. Yes, we should have an allowance and be able to make certain deductions. I have always said that there's no way you're going to have me dress corporate to teach kids when you don't give me the dry cleaning.

As for our back pay... step back before YOUR TIME...and understand how much has been given away over the last 35 years.

Who votes for whom as chapter leaders in your school to then go to the assembly and let that nonsense count as real business.

Our profession is to serve... civil servants and to be treated right means rising above it.

Please think about your words... valuable message lost with vitriol.

Anonymous said...

Envy is a terrible sin but so easy for our human nature. I didn't know the cops get all those perks! But I don't want the cops to lose what they have. I just want the UFT to stop giving up what we have left.

It just makes it so much more difficult to understand why the UFT leaders don't try very hard to support UFT members. The UFT is all about give-backs, supporting the stupid, non-productive hybrid teaching, giving away our money, allowing shitty conditions in the schools, working more days, working more hours, dealing with incompetent leadership, being threatened by students, etc. And saying nothing about the billions of waste at the NYC DOE!

I feel bad for you not getting the retro from years back! This is crazy.

What if I decided to withhold my NYC taxes for 6 years? I could be arrested for tax evasion. But NYC is allowed to withhold my earnings from years ago and my Union says "OK."

I can't wait to retire and leave NY.

Anonymous said...

Why are you attacking cops? They stand up and fight for themselves with a viable union leader, and the mayor hates them. It’s very petty and mean spirited. Why aren’t you attacking Mulgrew? This thievery was a setup between him and deBlasio.

Teachit said...

The point here is on point. When you defund or remove a need like teacher's choice, back pay or per session, you devalue the profession and that’s personal. So I don’t have a dress code but I need supplies no? Not only do students lose out but all places of business where teachers spend their money lose out. Ask yourself why so much has been lost in the last 35 years? The tile for this blog should be what dumb fucks teacher are.

Kittycat said...

So defunding the teschers is NYC’s answer hahaha!!!! No!
He’s right!! Get pissed already!!

Anonymous said...

The reason why the City's budget shortfalls always land on the teachers' necks is simple: teachers don't matter.

Cut a cop's salary, blue flu breaks out. Cut sanitation, garbage starts to pile up. But cut a teacher's salary and... what? we won't teach junior what the letter between D and F is? Strike? Parents we be at our throats ‐ not that they don't already blame their darling presiouses' shortcomings on teachers already, so a strike would just hurt the cause that much more and do nothing to keep what was already agreed to.

It disgusts me to see how little respect is given to the very people explicitly hired to educate the next generation. ��

Anonymous said...

Love it! Straight to the point without any holdback.

Pete Zucker said...

Many comments to respond to. First, the anonymous person at 9:36 PM.:

Can you be anymore patronizing? I've been with DOE 25 years.

Anonymous at 8:15 AM:
There is no envy. I don't want cops to lose their perks. I don't want anyone to lose their perks. What I want to lose is the UFT and the teachers being the patsies time after time after time.

Anonymous at 9:21: I am not attacking cops. Show me where I attacked cops. You are right the cops and Pat Lynch don't taker shit. And I have criticized Mulgrew plenty.

Anonymous at 1:10 AM. As Fonzie used to say, "Correctomundo!"

Anonymous said...

9:21 here. I guess you’re being sarcastic. Your whole post is attacking cops starting with the title -“Time For De Blasio to F**k the Cops. Same Way He Does Teachers”. Yeah used to criticize Mulgrew a whole lot, but not since you got your UFT gig.

Pete Zucker said...

UFT gig? Wow! I did not know of this. God dam UFT. One would think they’ll let me know I’m on their payroll. Again, where have I attacked cops?

But tell you one thing. I put my name to what I say. I don’t hide behind anonymity.

Anonymous said...

You can call me Ray or you can call me Al or you can call me whatever you like. If you don’t want people to comment anonymously you should remove that option. We all know how you react to even the slightest criticism. Who can forget the vicious personal campaign your blog had against Portelos or that paralegal Betsy? Maybe you had your reasons. You have much more valid reasons, right now, against Mulgrew, but you stay silent. Why? If not your UFT gig, then what is it? Explain yourself. Grand One.
If you don’t understand that this whole post is a vitriolic attack against cops, then you have some type of blinding narcissism. I could say more, but don’t want to get nasty. All the best with your psychosis.