SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Hey UFT, Show the Rank and File the Retro Arbitration Transcript!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Hey UFT, Show the Rank and File the Retro Arbitration Transcript!

 I am so not into today's Delegate Assembly. I usually sign up right away, but I am getting bored with the
same old same old. Besides I am kind of fed up.

Back in October's town hall, I asked a fairly innocuous  question...

"Is there a transcript of the arbitration hearing concerning our retro check and if so, when will it be made available to rank and file."

I received an email back from "John." In the email he shared with me that he is  following up with those that were involved and will get back to me. The email was sent on October 20. Today is December 16. 

I again asked the question at last month's town hall. As of today I did not get an email back.

I get it. I am not going to get picked to ask a question in a town hall or a DA? I don't genuflect. I am not a member of Unity. I am not a chapter leader. But at least have the decency to not only email me back but to answer my question honestly. 

So I am typing this and listening to the DA at the same time. I pressed zero as soon as I answered the call for the DA and spoke to Michael who took my question and was going to relay it. I am waiting.

What is the UFT hiding? If there isn't a transcript, let me know. If there is a transcript why can't I or any other member of the rank and see it? Doesn't the UFT wish for transparency? Transparency would easily do away with any rumors, innuendoes, and accusations that are going around concerning the leadership of the UFT. 

I'll make it easy for the UFT. I'll agree to go to a private room at 52 Broadway with other Unity people. Let me read the transcript without taking notes. Heck, I'll leave my phone at the security desk in the lobby. Better,  I'll strip down to my rather fashionable boxer briefs to assure there is no monkey business. 

If there is a transcript, I'd rather deal with the UFT in knowing if there is one and actually being able to read it. I guess the other method would be filing a FOIL request with the city and asking for it that way. I'm sure I can find someone, somewhere, in a different caucus other than Unity to file the FOIL request.

What's bothering me, what got me going about seeing the transcript is something Mulgrew said at the October DA which raised my eyebrow...

...and then on October 2 I asked for confirmation they were processing payment. Asked again.

 He knew something was up on October 2. Twelve days before we were told we would not be getting our retro monies on  October 15. There is no reason we could not have gotten a heads up sooner. This is what makes members question the UFT. This is what makes the rank and file nuts. 

By the way, the question portion of the DA has ended. My questions wasn't chosen. What a shocker.

Let's try this again. Is there or isn't there a transcript of the arbitration concerning the retro monies? A simple yes or no will suffice.


Gymnbat said...

From what I understand the arbitrator did not make a decision, just facilitated an agreement between the UFT and the city. We are getting all our retro in difficult times. There were other parts of the agreement that protect members that are still working. If there was information available earlier in October perhaps the union decided that it was in everyone’s best interest not to publicize it at that time. I’m not unhappy with how things have been handled. Perhaps it could have been handled differently but so far we are getting our retro and protecting the interests of our members.

Pete Zucker said...

OK, the the arbitrator facilitated. Is there a transcript? I just want a yes or know answer. Having been met with silence, what is one to think?

How many teachers made promises to buy something, to pay off bills, to pay someone back of the knowledge that they were getting a retro check? A heads is nice. How would it be in our interest not to have known something was askew two weeks earlier? You sound like Trump when he gave as the reason he didn't share the deadliness of COVID was b/c he didn't want anyone to panic.

You are just parroting what the UFT claims.

Anonymous said...

There’s was a transcript, that has now been destroyed because you asked for it. You know that, right?

Anon2323 said...

My wife came off parental leave to have 900 a check taking out, her retro taking out which she did not get a dime of. UFT still trying to figure this out since October, my near 30,000 I paid in dues is a complete waste. Monte acts like he cares he is a bullshitter and walks a fine line. He didn't get back to me after a 911 email regarding wifes issue I had to call him out on how he did not get back and he knows me through the years.