SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Control Your Destiny, Schedule the Vaccination Yourself

Monday, January 11, 2021

Control Your Destiny, Schedule the Vaccination Yourself

I am appreciative of the UFT, NYSUT, and whatever other groups expedited teachers and educators into group 1B so we can get vaccinated. 

What I am not crazy about are the strings attached and what it appears to be that the only way
we can get vaccinated is through the DOE and/or the UFT. Why? Basically to control who gets it. 

Mulgrew and Chancellor Carranza said the same things differently. 

Mulgrew wrote...        

UFT members working in the schools right now will receive priority in our matching process, but we plan to move quickly to match all UFT members who wish to receive the vaccine with a provider.

Carranza wrote...

If you are working remotely right now, please wait for further guidance on when to schedule your vaccination. This will help to ensure that New Yorkers on the front line serving fellow New Yorkers in person in our school buildings will better be able to access the vaccine. 

Though I am not enthralled but what Mulgrew wrote, Carranza is coming across like he hopes plenty of teachers die before the vaccine gets around. 

The UFT is acting as an authorized re-seller of vaccine slots for the city and the DOE. In essence, the UFT is a ticket scalper, or in this instance, a vaccine slot scalper. This is not what the UFT should be doing. 

For shits and giggles I filled out the UFT survey last night. Even though I have a slot. But we don't have to go through the UFT at all. We can do this ourselves. Remember, always be proactive 

Here are some quality websites that can be accessed on your own without going through and/or relying on the UFT.

I think this is for the entire state of New York:

For NYC: This one came from another fan of SBSB

and let's not forget from yesterday's blog post care of a SBSB groupie


And here is article from Journal News in which huge hub will be used at the Westchester County Center for vaccinations. 

Take care of you and your family and loved ones. Do this yourself. It'll get done quicker. 

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