SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The NYC DOE and De Blasio Are Planning to Kill Students This Year!

Monday, August 16, 2021

The NYC DOE and De Blasio Are Planning to Kill Students This Year!

 Today is August 16. Staff reports to schools on September 9. Students report in exactly four weeks from today. De Blasio is still in denial.Worse, the UFT is silent. Children are being hospitalized and dying. The principals union, CSA has said it is impossible for their to me three feet of social distancing. Delta is raging through the South. The ignorant refuse to get vaccinated. The entitled whitey whites of the Upper  East Side and Artisanal Brooklyn are whining about their entitled babies having to wear masks in school. Meanwhile, regular Joe parents are shitting bricks about returning in September. There were 750k remote students last year.  I predicted, or intimated, at 350k not returning in September. There will be more than that. Social distancing in schools is a joke. So with all this information one begs to know.


This summer there was no social distancing in the school I was in. Students were right on top of one another. Teachers and students on top of one another. Staff on top of one another. No directions. No guidance. No nothing. Masks being worn at half mast. None of those special air filter thingys in the class rooms. I mean there were a few, but very few. Where is the direction from the UFT? Where is the leadership from the DOE?

The parents of the Upper East Side had a rally yesterday on East End Avenue against mandated vaccines in DOE schools. Geez, these parents are so indicative of the population of the  NYCDOE. Same with the parents of Artisanal Brooklyn. How they whine if their precious children will be traumatized by wearing a mask or dare I say it, learning remotely. Oh the horror. Little do they know their precious children's worst day is a great day for a child living in abject poverty. But what do they care? 

My son goes back to college in Thursday. I feel safe because I trust the plan his college has. The college follows through on its plans. The college gives consequences if the plan is not followed. The DOE only pays lip service to it's plan and gets away with it due to the enabling of the UFT. If I were a parent with a child in the NYC schools, I would not, could not, and shan't send my child to school. I would demand a remote option. 

De Blasio is coming for the students of NYC. He plans on killing them. He has an acceptable death rate before he allows remote. One student dying due to De Blasio is on too many. One student, infected because of De Blasio's false pride, is one too many. 

Parents should refuse to send their students to school in September and demand that there is a plan for remote learning. That the lives of NYC students are more important how an incompetent bozo mayor comes across.


Anonymous said...

Not only parents should refuse - teachers should refuse and it should be heralded and led by the increasingly irrelevant UFT.

Anonymous said...

One more thing the Whitey whites of the Eastside are not sending kids to public schools. They aren’t worried about masks or remote learning. They’re only vaguely aware that there are public school students in New York City. No one cares about those students except their parents and a shrinking number of teachers. One thing you will hear is that the teen thugs have to be taken off the street because too many people are getting robbed and killed. Most of the killing is unintentional because these young 13 and 14-year-olds can’t shoot straight and end up everyone except the person that they intended. This is a sad but true fact. If anyone questions it go down to 187th St. and Prospect Ave in the Bronx. I can’t even buy my coke down there anymore- I have to go to the Italians in Bensonhurst that cut the crap out of it. Good luck Pete, glad I am retired.

Anonymous said...

Great read here Peter! What school will you be at this year? Still teaching in district 7 my friend?

Anonymous said...

Was wondering same thing, were ATRs assigned positions yet?

Pete Zucker said...

ATRs are still up in the air. I am still in District 7 (As far as I know), Brooklyn whitey whites are going to kill us all.

Anonymous said...

Not true, Pete. You’re in the same tribe.

Pete Zucker said...

I am? Tell me more.

Anonymous said...

You’re not White and Jewish? Or are you one of those self-hating Jews? The Whitey whites? I guess there are self-hating Whites too, just check out BLM. Or are you of the type that feel that being Jewish is not being White? Just trying to let you see in a roundabout way words matter.

Pete Zucker said...

@2:50 Hmm, let me think. Am I white and Jewish? Hang on I will check. After checking I would have to answer in the affirmative to both questions. But sorry to disappoint you I am not a "self hating Jew." For example, I do not believe Israel is infallible. I think Mel Brooks later career is disappointing, and I believe that Ron Guidry was a better pitcher than Sandy Koufax.

What I meant by whitey white is the privileged, elitist, whiny parents of Brooklyn and the UWS who kvetch (Yiddish) about their more kids having to wear a mask or remote learning, or not having the DOE kiss their tuchus. Yiddish again!

One example of this is whiny little bitch, who works for HW Media. He's never worked a a real day in his life nor has he ever wanted for anything. Ivy League schools. Eats artisanal mayonnaise and so smug he sniffs his own farts. He's never seen how the other half lives nor will he ever. The worst day for his precious spawns or the best day for a student that lives in poverty.

Pete Zucker said...

My bad. I shouldn't have laid it all on this person who works for HW Media. It could also be another little whiny bitch who runs a charter school in Brooklyn yet pays himself a shit ton of money because as a white person he thinks he is the savior the the Student of Color needs. This person as well not on;y went to the finest of Ivy League schools but grew up in one of the best school districts in Westchester County yet the silver spoon in his mouth directed him to an elitist prep school.

Anyway, both are Karens and both not have any experience in epidemiology.