SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Widgets at the Speed Racer School Elementary School...

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Widgets at the Speed Racer School Elementary School...

 From the files of "This Shit Can't Be Made Up," comes another dark tale. 

This is a story is true. The Crack Team receive this story from an SBSB groupie. Names have been changed as well as anything that can be identifiable .

Trixie started her first day at the Speed Racer School Elementary School. She was informed that she would be the widget teacher. She was surprised. She was told that she came very recommended as she is a known widget expert. 

She was assigned to the widget room and spent a week cleaning up and putting away excess widgets. Things were going well. She had yet to be assigned a program. She was told it would take a few weeks due to the disarray the widget room is in. But Trixie was cool with that. He was looking forward to doing innovative things with the students and widgets. 

Days turned into weeks and no program. The widgets were gathering dust. The students were missing out. What was going on?

Trixie soon found out. She found out on a Tuesday that she would be teaching something that she had never taught before; nuclear fission. But not to worry she was told, there is a curriculum and she will have three days (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday). The curriculum will be forthcoming.

Well, Wednesday forthcame and went. Even though Trixie inquired as to the whereabouts of the supposed forthcoming curricula. Good thing Trixie memorialized the inquisition. But nothing forthcame on Wednesday.

Thursday? Nothing. Nada. Bupkus. That's not really true. Something came, not the entire curriculum, but a teeny, tiny bit about 1:30 in the afternoon. That's about 70 minutes before dismissal. 

The next day the rest of the curricula came forth and Trixie asked for the three full days that she was promised. She wished to familiarize with "Teaching Nuclear Fission to Grades K-2." She was told no. 

Two weeks go by, and Trixie is slowly getting comfortable. But the comfort was not to last.

On a Thursday, at 1:30 PM, Trixie was told she would teach nuclear fission to grades 1-3 starting the following day. With that Trixie's schedule was rearranged and the strides she was making with Kindergarten were all for naught. Worse, she would have to learn a higher level of nuclear fission to incorporate 3rd grade. 

Now mind you; Trixie has never ever taught nuclear fission in her life. There has been zero offers of professional development and zero offers of meeting with coaches. Worse, when Trixie asked for a demo lesson the person she asked refused to do it. 

Trixie left that day and reached out the one person, more than The Crack Team, she could count on. As this other person has done countless times coming to Trixie for support this time, was not reciprocated. She was flat out refused and given the proverbial double middle finger. This is why Trixie turned to The Crack Team.

The Crack Team shan't turn it's back on a teacher in need as well as wanting to publicize any teachers plight. This shit wouldn't happen in a suburban school or a school district run by grown ups. 

Only in the New York City Department of Education, does chaos continuously reign and is the norm. Kids first? It's all bullshit.  Where are Spritel and Chimp-Chimp to to save the day for Trixie?

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