SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Comedy of So-Called Comity

Saturday, June 11, 2022

The Comedy of So-Called Comity

 One more thing I want to add in regard to my most recent blog post of June 9. There is one thing I did not get off my chest. 

This accusation...

that I have bad mouthed colleagues since 2016 every spring due to "getting phone calls every April and May like clockwork" that I have besmirched a colleague I work with "yet again," 

Completely unfounded.  There is no there there. 

Now the person that made this accusation has deemed it upon themselves to determine that there is to be a certain comity amongst teachers. My accuser is time and time again implying how I personally am destroying the comity between teachers with this blog. But that begs the question. Why am I the one being shat upon? 

I sat though a 3020-a process in which colleagues of mine testified against me. Does this promote comity amongst teachers? Some of these teachers were at an invitation only happy hour four years ago. What about others within the district that have gone through the 3020-a process and have had teachers testify against them? One can say that goes against the standards are comity. Yet there is silence. 

What about chapter leaders that do the principal's bidding? Is it safe to assume one looks the other way at this non-comity issue?

I'm going to reiterate what I wrote on Thursday. We as teachers have enough anxiety worrying about the crap we get from the DOE day in and day out. But in a weird way, it is to be expected. What we should not expect nor tolerate? It's is being treated by those who we look towards to protect us and to act in our best behaving as the DOE. 

Sadly, it is all too often becoming the norm that the very people teachers are looking to comfort us, to fight for us,  and to protect us are seemingly turning against us. I'm not the only one in which this is happening. Teachers being attacked and screamed at on the street for exercising their rights. Teachers verbally abused in bars. 

We know how to fight back against those that have it ingrained in the job description to do us bad. But how do we fight back against those who are there to protect us but literally are doing all they can to target specific teachers and doing us harm?


Anonymous said...

Do teachers have to testify against other teachers at a 3020a hearing? If not, then why in the hell would they choose to? There should be a blue wall of silence for teachers, just like cops.

Pete Zucker said...

From what I was told if they don't they face a letter to the file

Anonymous said...

They can assert their right to remain silent.

Teachers are losers. Let’s be honest. We’re only in a union because we were forced into one. There isn’t a union ethos to be found except in a few hardy souls, most of which will die soon.

I don’t even like teachers as a group, and they are the biggest backstabbers going. When I retire it will be go riddance to the lot of you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Letters to file mean a thing. An intimation tactic tantamount to the principal flipping you the bird. Not a reason to tattle on one another. Time to let teachers know that.

Anonymous said...

***Don’t mean a thing

Pete Zucker said...

@1:10 AM You are free not to join the UFT though I would advise against it.

I had three colleagues who were to testify against me. One showed. One didn't show. And one gave such fucked up testimony which my how she testified and her body language showed she didn't want to be there it was favorable to me.

Anonymous said...

Email me. I want to guess publish something on your blog.

Anonymous said...

What happened?