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Sunday, August 23, 2009

And Here They Are......................

The new mayoral appointees to the PEP were recently introduced. But who are they really? Should we go by Bloomberg's official biographies of these so called esteemed people, or what they really are? We here at SBSB have chosen the latter.

Let's think of them all trying to vie for the inside track to Bloomberg's heart. Kind of like "The Dating Game." Remember that late 60's, early 70's show in which three contestents battled to win a date with a bachelorette? Well in this version Bloomberg is the bachelorette, and without and further ado in the immortal words of Jim Lange, here they are are..... (cue Dating Game music)

Oh one more thing. Gold star to anyone who can find the conflict of interest.

Linda Lausell Bryant, head of Inwood House, an organization which currently has a $255,000 contract with the DOE, and has received no-bid DOE contracts in the past. Inwood House has also benefited from hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual donations from Bloomberg’s own pocket via the Carnegie Corporation, from 2003 to the present day, and has received $8.5 million in tax exempt capital financing from the city’s Economic Development Corporation. Her favorite color is red, and she thinks that mean people suck.

Joe Chen, head of the Brooklyn Downtown Partnership, an organization which has multiple city contracts. Also, according to the Brooklyn Paper, Chen was appointed to his current job by Bloomberg himself – despite that by law, no city employees can serve on the PEP. Chen is also a former top aide to Deputy Mayor Doctoroff and is closely allied with the real estate interests in Brooklyn. He likes to disco dance, and wants to save the whales.

Gitte Peng, a documentary film maker who was until recently a top aide to Deputy Mayor Walcott, credited for helping fashion the governance law and helping to found a charter school; she likes to work with shut ins, the feebleminded and in her spare time takes in the homeless.

Tomás D. Morales, head of the College of Staten Island, part of CUNY, which is entirely dependent on city funding. He also fancies himself a expert at fondue and has written several books about fondue.

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