Monday, August 24, 2009

Trailer Trash

That's what Klein thinks of teachers. Nothing more than Trailer Trash. I just got word today from several sources that the Bronx/Manhattan Rubber Room that was located on 181st St has been relocated to George Washington High School. But not in the school itself. In trailers.

What the f**k is going on? Is this the last indignity that teachers must endure? Being packed away like freaks inside of trailers? "You, go to Trailer 17, you there, you've been assigned to Trailer 16." "Sit in there all day and don't let anyone know you are there." Sounds more like a stalag.

The funny, I mean ironic thing is that since the DOE deems the teachers in the Rubber Room to be unsafe to have around students, the Rubber Room is now located at a high school.

Now yes, there are teachers that have been accused of improprieties with students, but the vast majority of these teachers in the Rubber Room are there for trumped up charges of insubordination, incompetence, improper farting, and anything else an incompetent, vengeful administrator can think of.

The sad part of this is the silence of the UFT and Mike Mulgrew. Where is the outrage?




No doubt if it were possible, the DOE would try to move all teachers assigned to Rubber Rooms, to unused cages at the Central Park Zoo where the DOE would likely encourage the Public to hurl vicious epithets at those poor Souls.

No one should be surprised at any of the obscenities Klein's stooges foist upon dues paying UFT members.

But in the end the countless vicious acts, both large and small, will come back to haunt this ugly little man with his out of date 1960's Do Op duck tail hair style. His rather unattractive appearance and always present nervous smirck that hangs over his face like a bad joke, will all go the way of a bad dream in due time.

For those readers old enough to remember the powerful movie "Stalag 17", the evil doer of that stalag meets with his just deserts in the end delivered from the business end of machine guns.

The uncredentialed Chancellor presently occupying Boss Tweed's former headquarters in New York will likewise receive the just deserts he so well merits. But they will come from the business end of the pen of a Federal Judge.

Many observers believe it is not a question of "if" but "when".

All things come to those who stand and wait and I am a very patient man.

For am I not my Attorney Father's Son.

Anonymous said...

But, some people DO belong in the Rubber Room

Anonymous said...

DOE is trying to look foolish and vindictive while overtly attempting to shame innocent teachers into resigning.

NYSUT should be able to file an action related to the 'dignity of the profession'.

What's next? Tents in Central Park?

Chaz said...


Yes, some people do belong in the rubber room. However, did it every occur to you that he was allowed to teach in the school for the remainder of the school year? Obviously, the Principal did not remove him. Further, SCI is known to lie, pervert, and twist innocent actions into sexual misconduct.

Don't be so eager to assume the teacher is guilty of what the DOE accusses him off.

FidgetyTeach said...

Sorry, but I disagree. NO teacher or person belongs in the rubber room. Rubber Rooms should NOT exist. Professionals linger in rubber rooms for indefinite amounts of time without due process. Guilty or innocent, right or wrong, everyone has a right to know why they are there and when they will have a chance to clear their name. It is the DOE who are the criminals for maintaining places where constitutional rights are denied on a daily basis.

Pete Zucker said...

Fidgety rocks!!!

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

I shall keep you updated on the goings on at Stalag 17. Which trailer I will be in I don't know. I have just come off a year's sabbatical and I guess it will be at least a year at the trailer park for me.

BTW I have no charges filed against me. The "serious" charges I had against me were dropped by Condone's office. However, it would have been nice for someone to tell what they were. I guess I will never know what deposed principal accused me of!

During my sabbatical I was followed by an ex-detective from what office I will never know.
My records at the college where I was taking courses were supenoed(spelling). A big overweight and out of shape investigator knocked on my door while almost having a cardiac in front of my door cause he had to walk up five flights of stairs. I wish he had no one would have given him CPR I am sure. LOL
My neighbors were questioned about me. The management of the sports complex I go to were questioned about me. I still have no word from my people in Brasil if they were questioned about me. I hope these investigators speak Portuguese Brasilian style. I guess they will have to send the fat fuck to Rio de Janeiro to find out about me. Hopefully someone will take him on a tour of the shanty towns were the bullets fly 24/7!


I am a film fan so I know the plot of Billy Wilder's Stalag 17. If you remember there was never a dull moment in the camp and I expect the same cast of characters as well.

Stay tuned to my blog...
BTW this blog is how I found out where I have to report to on the 8th of September.

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

never mind about the above i have been freed for now.