Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clean Underwear

So much to comment on today.My favorite EDiot Thomas W Carroll has another factless filled guest column in today's Post. Whitney Houston, oops, I meant Tilson sent out another of his ADD emails. Reichsfuhrer Klein whined about ATR's. But tonight I need, I must, I have to comment on a comment left here (7th comment down). It was just too cute to pass up. However, I am not listening to my mother's advice. Always wear clean underwear, and never argue with crazy people. I am about to ignore part of the advice.

So this anonymous dude laments that I was hiding behind baseball and having kids. Gee, sorry. I mean what am I to do? I was wiped. I mean it happens. That's life. Too bad. Deal with it. But this is not what annoys me the most. This is:

WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU to criticize these education experts who have more knowledge than you'll ever have?

What education experts are you talking about? Education Expert Little Evan Stone? Education Expert Princess Sydney Morris? Education Expert Whitney Tilson? Education Expert Doug Lemov? Education Expert Thomas W Carroll? Education Expert Arne Duncan? Education Expert Joel Klein? Education Expert Michael Bloomberg? One thing I have noticed about all the "Education Experts" is that very, very few of them have actually done any teaching.

what just because you've been in the classroom means you can dictate policy?

No, but I can critique it and part out the flaws and fallacies of these ideas. If I want to help on how to prepare gefilte fish, and potato kugel for a Passover Seder do I go to a goyem at the local yacht club, or do I find a mah-jong game and ask a eight-six year old Jewish grandma?

can you tell a surgeon how to do his job?
can you tell an architect how to do his job?

Nope, and nope.

if not, why the fuck do you think you're SO DAMN smart about education policy.

I am not. But I know more than you. But really. It is a thing called common sense. I do not need to see the sun rise in the morning to know that it has risen in the east.

You never EVER have the big picture in mind and only think about what goes on in that insular classroom of yours in the bronx.

Nope, always ten steps ahead. Action has reaction. Cause has effect.

Thank goodness you're not 'leading' shit cause people recognized that you're pretty blind

Hmmmm. I started wearing glasses when I was 15. I am near sighted. But as I got older, my vision got worse. In fact I developed an astigmatism in both eyes so without glasses or contacts I can't see more than ten feet. But the last couple of years I have noticed the need for reading glasses. Or a longer arm. Can't read jack anymore. Unless I lift my glasses up and hold it close to my face, or with no corrective lenses. So yes, you got one right. I am pretty blind.

Ok? I don't feel like playing anymore. I am going home.

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