SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: NYC DOE Slams David Pakter With Additional Bogus Charges

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NYC DOE Slams David Pakter With Additional Bogus Charges

For those who are unaware if the trials and tribulations of David Paketer, I invite you to go here, here, and here.

It would be really neat for Gotham Schools to link to this, but as you know Gotham doesn't link to obscenity. This is the biggest obscenity I have ever heard of.

Just for a note of disclosure. In 1993 whilst at the DMV in Yonkers I told the clerk I would take her to Burger King if she would re-take my photo. I also gave flowers to the registrar of my college. Confused? Then read on.

The following is from the mind of David Pakter

Dear Friends (and supporters):

The new additional charge/s brought against me relate to the fact that last October, 2009, when I was down at 65 Court Street, on a late Friday afternoon attempting to get a printout verifying my job status with the NYC Dept of Education, I offered to treat a receptionist to dinner (not with me) if she would give me a copy of my job status printout immediately so I would not have to return all the way back to Brooklyn from Manhattan, the following Monday after the weekend.

Based on my trying to expedite obtaining a copy of my own personal employment history, the NYC DOE has accused me of "attempting to bribe", a Public Official- citing every single State Law they could find that deals with attempting to influence Public Servants and Officials for personal gain-- like the six men who just got sentenced to jail for soliciting tens of thousands of dollars for getting lucrative DOE student transportation bus contracts.

These new charges brought against me will be sent to the Manhattan District Attorney for prosecution.

Such is the desperation of Joel Klein and his countless stooges to bury me once and for all.

The real goal, of course, of the NYC DOE and SCI and Theresa Europe is to force me to accept their recently made offer that if I will retire and withdraw my Federal Lawsuits and agree not to sue the DOE for the knowingly false sex allegation Libel that appeared in the NY POST on Sunday, March 21, 2010, that stated I was removed "for sexual misconduct", a bald faced lie, and then in exchange, the NYC DOE will withdraw all present and any future charges against me.

Obviously, the NYC DOE will continue to add more and more charges against me in the vain and desperate hope they will succeed in intimidating me to agree to withdraw my Federal lawsuits and not sue the NYC DOE and the NY POST for Libel, Defamation and Slander.

I am fully prepared to go to jail before I will capitulate to such an obscene form of extortion.

One does not bargain with criminals or make deals with the Devil.

The world learned that painful lesson in 1939 and more than 50 million people of all Faiths, Creeds and Nationalities paid with their lives.

I rather doubt they will attempt to pull such nonsense with other NYC teachers, but be forewarned that the NYC DOE can take even the most innocuous and mundane comments made to another person totally out of context- as if we did not know this to be a fact regarding the sorry excuses for human beings who inhabit and walk the marbled halls along Chambers Street.

But no one need worry or lose any sleep on my account.

The type of Justice that cannot be obtained in a State Education Law 3020-a Teacher Trial, can be obtained via alternate methods. In fact a type of Justice will be arriving on the NYC DOE's door step in good time that will leave former Federal prosecutor, Chancellor Joel Klein, Esq. and his countless lapdogs reeling.

Indeed, I can say they will never know what hit them-- until it is too late.

Stay strong and live happily.

Remember that no one on this Earth can rob you of your human dignity unless you agree to let them. They can jail your body but never your humanity.

Someday, these dark days and dark hours we must presently live through, in the history of Education in America, will come to an end and be a thing of the past.

And people like Joel Klein, Esq., a pitiful legend in his own pitiful mind, will be consigned to the scrap heap of history where they so rightly belong.

With warmest regards as always,

David Pakter

Still Standing

Next Trial Dates: May 10, May 11, at 49 Chambers Street, 6th Floor, at 10 AM

Please request Hearing Room of the Honorable Douglas J. Bantle, Esq.

Christopher M. Callagy, Esq. NYSUT Attorney for the Defense
Philip Oliveri, prosecuting for the NYC Dept of Education

Note: 6th Floor Receptionist has been known to falsely tell visitors NO Hearing is scheduled.


Anonymous said...

Poor guy. :(

Anonymous said...

DOE is pathetic at this point. Rubber plants and now a dinner invitation said in jest. I hope my tax dollars are not being spent by the crack legal eagles at DOE, David, there is no way your arbitrator will restrain himself from cracking up at this one.

Anonymous said...

And in the interest of full disclosure my mom gave her famous homemade cookies to her mailman after he lugged a package for her. And she may have done the same for a garbageman in 1999.

Chaz said...

Typical DOE retaliation. If the truth can't be used against you, just use a lie to terminate you.

Anonymous said...

This is a free country? absolute power corrupts absolutely. THis is pathetic and disgusting. Principals and Assistant Principals should be fired from the school system because they are the ones running it. Principals are especially evil these days too. there is a real winner in the alternative schools as a principal who is out of his fucking mind. He is emotionally unbalanced and targets people he thinks are smarter than him who is mostly everybody.

Pete Zucker said...

Do share. Please. Email me. It will remain confidential.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that the entire NYC Dept of Ed is ran by a bunch of pathetic if unscrupulous frauds. What is extremely regrettable is that teachers too, especially the younger ones willingly backstab vulnerable individuals to stay on the inside track. Students have been corrupted, and many pass classes and graduate due to their willingness to disturb particular teacher's classes and state out right lies that support a bully principal's lies all to ruin the most conscientious and hard working teachers. It is absolutely disgusting and par for the course. This is what happens when unions too have become corrupted. It's too easy to set up teachers who have to comply with so many strictures while ap's and principals change the rules whenever they need to. I must admit that the system never supported strong and independent teachers but these days good people are being set up, ostracized, and then lied about all behind their backs. They cannot defend themselves because it is all through malicious gossip. God help this generation who is being denied the education that was once available. Now it's just pass the test any which way possible. Get the politicians including the mayor out of education. Bring back the professors and people who love to teach because they understand what is at stake.

Anonymous said...

guys file lawsuits and you'll see your fun in the sun.They don't like being exposed federally!