SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Mike Mulgrew's Balls

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mike Mulgrew's Balls

There has been a lot of speculation, myself included, as to whether or not Dear Leader of the UFT Mike Mulgrew has any balls. And this has been questioned not just figuratively, but literally as well.

We here at SBSB put a crack team together to definitively ascertain the condition, and/or whereabouts of Mulgrew's testicles. It was a long and arduous process. Many dead ends, many leads not coming to fruition, but finally today, in an email, the answer we have all been waiting for came in photographic evidence.
Yes, it be true. Mike Mulgrew has no balls. We have learned that he has been in search of them for some time. There have been reports that his balls were seen this week in Seattle in a case held by Randi Weingarten, though this has yet to be confirmed.

As a public service, SBSB will lead the way in search of Mike Mulgrew's balls. Please if you see them, or know where they might be, please contact SBSB. Only serious sightings will be investigated.

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AFT should dump Randi said...

Randi has them. Just look up her skirt. She stole them from Klein.