SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Fooling Al Sharpton

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fooling Al Sharpton

One voice that keeps speaking out versus the evil that Bloom/Klein do to students is Juan Gonzalez of the Daily News. Thank God for journalists like him. Just pray that Mort Zuckerman doesn't kneecap him

Gonzalez had a quite interesting column in Friday's Daily News. Somehow, someway Gonzalez sees through the smoke and mirrors and realizes that it is not about Bloom/Klein, but about the children. That it is they are are being shortchanged. How it got published, which is in stark contrast to the Daily News' sycophantic editorial of the same day, I will never know.

But what caught my eye in Gonzalez' column is what Al Sharpton said in this whole imbroglio about the deception of Klein.
To promote his reforms nationwide, Klein even founded a nonprofit group last year with the Rev. Al Sharpton. They called it the Education Equality Project.

The new scores are so bad Sharpton has begun to distance himself from Klein. "I'm very disturbed and concerned by these scores," Sharpton said. "We were told students were improving, but it seems our kids were victims of dumbed-down tests to make the administration look good."

Al, you mean you are surprised? You feel used? Abused? This is strike two for you in trusting people. Logic dictates that you would have learned from the Tawana Brawley fiasco. Bit nooooooooooooooooo. You again fell hook, line, and sinker for the "I'll call you in the morning" line.

I know Al, you were thinking you were climbing up in society. That you were going legit hanging out with Klein and his ilk. Twenty years ago if Klein saw you in an elevator he would keep his wallet in his hand. But as Abbott and Costello learned in their movie, "In Society," you never make it into society. Basically you are Billy Ray Valentine in Klein's eyes and always will be.

But as I always say, why curse the darkness when one can light a candle. There is some good that can come out of this for Rev. Al. In fact he inspired yet another branching out into other media for us here at SBSB. Due to Rev Al being Rev Al we here have set up an acting troupe that from time to time act out scenarios that are relevant to what is going on in education.

So without further ado, put your hands together for the SBSB Players! For tonight's video we have the famed actor Tim Matheson playing Joel Klein, and in the role of Rev Al Sharpton, Stephen Furst. The scene is just after Rev Al (Furst) learned of the bogus score the last several years with Joel Klein (Matheson) comforting him the best he can.


Pissed Off Teacher said...

Sharpton should be ashamed of himself for being bought by the Charter School mafia.

Kilroy said...

Someday young minorities we emerge as new civl rights leaders and set the record straight on Sharpton. I wonder how much Arne Duncan and Newt Gingrich paid him to be the poster children for Race to The Top?

Anonymous said...

I (heart) "Trading Spaces" references. I really do.