SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Pedro Santana Incompetent Principal

Friday, August 6, 2010

Pedro Santana Incompetent Principal

I've taken all I can takes and I can't takes no more- Popeye, 1934

Enough already! I am talking about the sycophants of Pedro Santana who have been directed, in all probability by him, to leave comments in the post written on June 27 in regard to his front page tribute of that day's New York Times.

He is what he is. A phony and a fraud. At PS/MS 279 he would act like your best friend and the minute your back was turned do everything he could to turn you in. At PS/MS 279 if the principal asked him to jump, he would ask how high. At PS/MS 279 he went behind the principal's back, a principal that was a mentor, a mother to him, and conspired with parents in a letter writing campaign to remove her around 20o2. He is a snake.

What is so great about Pedro Santana? Oh yeah! The Times reported that, "59 percent of its seventh graders passed the state math test — below the 81 percent who passed citywide, but enough of an improvement to help the school earn an A." Yet, when this year's test scores came out the eight graders who were seventh graders last year, only 16.6% of the students passed. This means that Pedro Santana is sending 80.4 % of eighth graders unprepared for high school math! A commenter left this comment, "Bottom line is the school was doing poorly and now after having Mr. Santana at the helm they are doing better."

You got to be kidding!!!! How is the school doing better? Sixth graders this past school year, only 19.7% of students passed and 25.9% of seventh graders passed. Why then is Pedro Santana held in such high esteem?

"But surely the ELA scores must be out of this world Bronx Teacher, why else is he still there?"

Yeah, why is he still there? The ELA scores from 6-8 grades are respectfully, 10.9%, 14.2%, and 9.1%. We here at SBSB sarcastically doff out hat in salutations and congratulations at Pedro Santanas fine leadership.

Perhaps if Pedro Santana spent less time talking about guy things like wrestling, or just having students hanging out in his office to "shoot the breeze," maybe the students would be able to walk into a high school ready.

That Pedro Santana's school earned an A last year shows how meaningless these grades are truly. Couple that with the cloud of investigation he is under, the test scores and all his malfeasance surely shows that the snake clearly is incompetent.

And Maybe one day the truth will come out about him and Manhattan Charter School


Anonymous said...

OMG, great post Bronx teacher! Something just didn't add up with this guy..

UA said...

This should now put an end to it, but in reality we all knew what was going on with those comments.

Anonymous said...

think he's an asst. superintendent now in east ramapo, ny. go figure!