SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Ruben Brosbe Idiot Savant Of PS 310 The Bronx

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ruben Brosbe Idiot Savant Of PS 310 The Bronx

When last we left Ruben Brosbe in October, he had knifed 80,000 NYC teachers in the back in his own little sycophantic method. Ruben, somehow, someway through either his Ivy League connections, daddy's assistance, or a combination, wrote a guest column in The New York Post endorsing the release of teacher's value added assessment scores of the standardized tests. Not only did he do that, but one had to deal with his kvetching and whining about his own, and the crack team has since learned of more, many shortcomings as a teacher.

Not only is Ruben a kvetcher, but somewhat of a clueless savant. Yes, the crack team here is amazed that he is able to pull it together and actually hold a high pressured job due to his cluelessness at life around him.

Ruben also has a blog in which he goes through life and teaching wondering why and how things happen, never taking a stand, and just his shocked that there is a life beyond the ivory wall that he grew up behind, and still lives behind.

One our favorite posts from Ruben's blog cracked up the crack team (pardon the pun) here at SBSB last month. Entitled, "What's an Assistant Teacher?", Ruben theorized on what is an assistant teacher;
Assistant Teacher? You mean, like someone to help the teacher provide extra support and attention to the students in their classroom? But why would any effective teacher who has mastered differentiation need someone else to help them with their students? It's almost like this school thinks more individual attention is something valuable for their students. Weird.
The crack team here at SBSB was able to get it hands on an unpublished blog post from Ruben. It goes;
My hand, I see I can move my fingers in unison, or as individual fingers. I also can move two fingers and they can touch each other. If I place my ring and pinkie together and my middle and index finger together I make the Vulcan salute. This is neat. I now go to my toy chest and take out my communicator, tricorder, and phaser an pretend I am Mr Spock.
But we are not here to bash Ruben. Only to expose him for the hypocrite, two faced, wants to have his cake and eat it too person that he is.

In today's Gotham Schools, (the crack team is still wondering how he got that gig, but we have our theories.) Ruben lamented what has become of education with all its high stake testing. Ruben writes, "In many ways, and to varying degrees depending on a school’s approach to test prep, kids are deprived of meaningful, rich, effective instruction in the weeks or months leading up to the state exams." Very good Ruben, your savant side took over. Yes we are depriving them of instruction. Ruben then is able to figure out that, "First, when Kaplan or Pearson test-prep materials take the place of a well-planned read-aloud or time for guided reading, the kids don’t learn as well. Second, the pressure and dullness of test prep certainly takes most of the fun out of learning for the kids. So ultimately students are learning less, and they’re enjoying learning less. This is not a formula for long-term success." Bravo Ruben, bravo.

But one thing perplexes the crack team here at SBSB. If you are kvetching about this, why are you a member of Educators4Excellence? An organization that condones, if not supports, the policies of Bloomberg, Klein, and now Black? Why did you participate in the December 15 soirée sponsored by E4E for Michelle Rhee at a super duper secret location?

It gets worse. On the front page of there is a video. In that video, which the crack team noticed at Gotham Schools, who do we see at 3:15? Yes, it's Ruben in a savant moment sharing all his knowledge, his understanding, himself. But Ruben, Michelle Rhee is the one of the, if not the exact, reasons why you are kvetching about testing today. How dare you play both sides of the fence. You just want to be all things to everybody. Why do you make this video? You are supporting poor educational choices made by those who are in it for themselves. Those who want to turn a profit. Those who don't truly care.

But that is what you are Ruben. You are in this for you, and only you. You want to impart your ways on students and families you feel are beneath you. You don't care. You are a phony and a fraud. You think that because you came from a life of luxury that you know what is best. You don't. You don't get it and you never will.

You will complete your third year as a teacher and then apply to some law school. You won't be teaching in five years from now. You boosted your resume, you have that shining light behind your head, and somehow pulled the wool over the eyes of your students.

You keep on exposing yourself. Put a robe on.

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Anonymous said...

Ruben's segment starts at 0:47, and he's identified at 0:51.

I loved his jargonic buzzword in the Gotham Schools piece, "Starving the Child":

"I can only hope as standardized tests become more authentic..."

What on Earth?!

Reminded me of one of those squares on a BS Bingo card!