SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: A Plain View Of A Fat Tub Of Goo

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Plain View Of A Fat Tub Of Goo

Ever see someone who has had a few drinks in them? Suddenly, they feel so tough, so ready to take on anyone. That is known as beer muscles.

And then we have Internet muscles. Internet muscles work the same way as beer muscles just that there is no beer involved. Behind a router and a computer screen, people suddenly get very tough. Some people feel it is better to type on a computer screen rather than use a pen.

A person with Internet muscles might be a fat tub of goo, that perhaps is retired and has way too much time to spend on his hands. Perhaps he feels inadequate by not only being a fat tub of goo, but really bald as well. Chances are this person has a Freudian shortcoming to go along with being a fat tub of goo and bald as well.

Perhaps this person, since he is a fat tub of goo, bald and has a Freudian shortcoming has a wife that is tappable and feels that someone better than him, perhaps, anyone other than him, will come along and do what he is unable to do.

So this person, instead of hiding in a cove, or a cave, or moving to Watkins Glen needs to post personal information of others. This way he feels that his being a fat tub of goo, bald, with a Freudian shortcoming will feel important.

One other way this fat tub of goo, bald person with a Freudian shortcoming makes himself feel important is to be a rat. A rat against not only his own tribe, but his own profession. Sleeps with the enemy, slithers around talking trash to others and not sticking around to take it.

But karma is the great equalizer. And it will be instant.

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Anonymous said...

This post is worthless w/o pics of the tappable wife.