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Monday, April 11, 2011

Perklesslly Administrating

I really want to expand on what was written Saturday night about the perkless administrators that are in the employ of the DOE. After I posted the piece, the crack team here at SBSB reminded me that there is enough material for a second part.

The perkless administrators think to the lowest common denominator. A perkless administrator will involve themselves in some project to score points with administrators with perks, and all upper echelon administrators and thinking that they have come up with a fantastic idea, have a much more capable underling carry the project out. The fascinating part is that the perkless administrator will never involve themselves in the project. This better to take credit when all goes well, and even better if it fails.

The perkless administrator always seems to have time to eat a full, nutritionally unbalanced meal. I grew up around all types of strong, leadership type administrators and rarely did these people have time to eat a full service meal, let alone a cup of yogurt. But apparently, a perkless administrator has time not only to eat a meal, but to engage in some type of ritualistic gorging of themselves with the prerequisite high cholesterol, high sodium, high fat, and high carbohydrate meal. This normally isn't a problem, but when one's arteries are thisclose to clogging up, one wonders why this type of food is eaten.

The perkless administrator also has a proclivity for dressing in the latest, and most stylish, androgynous clothes of the day. Now understand, this is not because of the salary of about $100K. Even on that salary, living cheaply, one can find fashionable clothes at Target, hell even K-Mart. But this being 2011, the perkless administrator should know that 70's style ruffled tuxedo type shirts are no longer in.

How does a perkless administrator have any credibility in a grade meeting when the teachers that you are supposedly a leader of have a higher level, and knowledge, of pedagogy than them? Mind you, this is including any and all first year teacher and even little Darwin, the cute little Pre-K kid who walked into the meeting by accident.

But worst, the perkless administrator feels the need to lead by threats, by coercion, by blatant and outright lies. Feeling the heat from above, the perkless administrator will target teachers to make up for some Freudian androgynous shortcoming, or worse, because those teachers are part of a people that went on a diaspora about 2,o00 years ago.

But for the perkless administrator to threaten to take down all and any if its job were to come into jeopardy, is so wrong, so damaging, so becoming what happens when you have no checks and balances in the DOE, that this is why the system as we have is failing.

But fortunately, the perkless administrator finally has the light shining up themselves. After this many years it is about time and in fact couldn't come at any finer a time. There is no hiding from the spotlight. Once it is turned on from above it is impossible to fix past and current incompetencies, and is always impossible to outrun.

The time is now. The time is ending.

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