SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Attention Whoring With Ruben Brosbe

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Attention Whoring With Ruben Brosbe

I am enraged. I have had it, and I am going to not censor myself in this blog post. I don't care if I offend anyone, I don't care if someone refuses to read my writings anymore, and I don't care. The matter is personal and I am mad as hell.

I have had it with that little shit from Educators4Excellence, Ruben Brosbe. Her is nothing but a self serving, mindless drone of a follower. We all knew a Ruben in high school. When we were seniors and we would give the incoming freshman the business, wedgies, pranks, etc... Well you know those freshman would say, "Just wait until we're seniors." Well, the opposite was true for Ruben. When Ruben finally became a senior, it was the freshman that gave him the business, wedgies, pranks. Ruben went through high school as George McFly.

But what is it that has this child of privilege, this child that mommy and daddy have assured lives in a doorman building in one of Manhattan's poshest neighborhoods has me all rankled up? Have my knickers in a tizzy?

It is of course his latest meandering, self serving, look at me I am desperate for attention ramblings on Gotham Schools. The little shit that Ruben is more concerned about himself, his needs during the exams than he is of his students. Ruben whines that the night before the first day of the ELA test he is unable to sleep. Of course he is. If Ruben, the idiot that he is, had kept to his normal sleep routine; photos of Uncle Mike, Joel Klein, Arne Duncan, Evan Stone, a box of Kleenex, Astro-Glide, and a carrot he would not have had a problem sleeping that night.

But now Ruben, you have crossed the line. You and all your little shit friends at your Jugendbund der NSDAP organization. I, not you, not your idol, that other little shit, Little Evan Stone had to contend with a child, a boy, my SON, and his pre-test anxiety. A 4th grader should not have to worry about how he performs on some test just so you, Little Evan Stone, or some scumbag politician can make up for some Freudian physical shortcoming.

And guess what? I am not worried for one minute how my son will do on his ELA or Math exams. Last year he got (and I am not bragging here) a 3 on his ELA, and aced, yes every question correct, on his Math exam. He is capable.

But as I was putting him to bed Monday night, as we talked, the anxiety in his voice was palpable. He was concerned about the writing portion of the exam? Why? Because on his most recent report card, and we have noticed this as well, his teacher wrote that he does not include all the details in his writing. Yes, he does. Yes, we have worked on it with him. Yes, it is our, mine and my wife's responsibility to get him through this. But, he tends to rush his work, look for the easy way out, gets a bit too lazy. But, this is par for the course. He has is mind on other things a normal 9 year old would have his mind on. Like baseball, Derek Jeter, NBA playoffs, WWE, John Cena, etc... Not like you had at that age Ruben when you were playing with you dolls, playing house, and in all probability was still in Scooby Doo labeled Pull-Ups.

His anxiety also probably was exacerbated by my wife, his mother being 8,000 miles away on a business trip in China. See, Asshole Ruben? My wife being away and how he reacts to it is completely out of a teacher's control. Much like the lack of true parenting you received was out of your teacher's control. No, your parents didn't truly parent you. I am sure they gave you that brand new car when you turned 16, that they gave you that quarter of a million dollar bar mitzvah, they turned their noses at buying your Garanimals at Target and took you to Nordstrom's instead. They paid cash for your education at Penn. You grew up living within a gilded cage, seeing the world at the end of your nose, being fed with a diamond encrusted silver spoon. You grew up with a grand sense of entitlement, but a low sense of yourself.

So, did I give my son crackers? Did I have him practice yoga? Did I have him write who his favorite superhero was? No. Did I have him focus on me as you surely do have your students focus and make everything about you? No. What a truly wanted to do was suggest the Bartleby Project to him. But I would have incurred the wrath of the wife and his grandma.

I told him that as long as he puts in his best effort, takes his time, and re-reads he will be fine. I told him that he is very smart, did very good last year, and everything will work out just fine. No tricks, no muss, no mess. Simple as that. His did not become about me.

Many years ago when I was shopping for my first new car my cousin told me that car salesman are the lowest forms of life on earth. He never knew of you Ruben Brosbe. Ruben, you are the lowest life form on this planet. Yes, lower than you idol Little Evan Stone. Why? Because you are nothing but a fanbloi, nothing but a follower. At least your hero, Little Evan had an original idea. You, are nothing but a joiner, a follower, an attention whore looking for acceptance. Be it from a hero, a grown up, or pathetically, one of your third grade students.

I'm ashamed to be in the same profession as you, the same union, the same religion, the same planet. Your comeuppance will be so sweet.


Chalk Duster said...

Although I knew without reading his little post that you cited that he is a total idiot, I went ahead and read it anyways. It was a mistake. Now my brain hurts, and I'm mad, too. I think the best (non-profane)word for Ruben is...narssicistic.
My son had his first migraine last week. I was hoping he wouldn't inherit that from me. He was anxious about the test, even though, much like your son, he does very well but tends to rush through his work. No young child should EVER have to be that anxious about a test. When I was proctoring last week, it seemed like I was being forced to administer midevil torture on those poor kids.
By babbling on the way he does, glorifying these rediculous exams, Ruben is only perpetuating this abuse on the children of America. He should be ashamed of himself.

bookworm said...

I hear you totally. I have a 4th grader myself, who also scored two 770s last year and was dealing with whether her teacher would be fired if she's less than perfect this year. I also have a second grader who is beginning to rack up his anxiety for next year's first round of high stakes exams.

in a quandary said...

Well said! Perhaps he couldn't sleep because his conscience was bothering him?