Monday, May 9, 2011

Set Up At PS/MS 87 Queens

Hey, let's get rid of seniority rights. Let's leave teachers to the whims of their administrators.

"Oh, that will never happen," say the deformers, because we have a way to ensure genuine objectivity. I say bullocks.

The following is a letter sent to the Superintendent of District 24, Madeline Chan. The teacher that wrote this letter was employed at PS/MS 87 in Queens.It seems as if this teacher were sent into a set-up, a trap.

Read on:

Response to Termination Letter


Chalk Duster said...

Wow. She really WAS set up. None of this is surprising to me at all. In fact, it sounds incredibly familiar, and almost exactly like instances of teacher demoralization at my school. How do these lying bastards sleep at night?

Anonymous said...

The whole situation also sounds WAY too familiar to me.

The admins time will eventually come.

Pogue said...

Parallel lessons with both groups having to do "read-alouds'. My God, this system has so gotten out of control with these "reformers". They simply have no clue, and, have hired administrators who have less of "no clue". What destruction.

We are currently being led by morons, and corrupt ones, at that.

David said...

This is also way too familiar to me. I have been with the Department of Dread for 8 years now, and persecuted like you, in the three schools I have been in. Ultimately, I have learned that school administrators only care about themselves, not even about the students. They see teachers as either spies who they can get to work for them to look in on the "subversives" or as adversaries. I am sorry you had to go through this, but sadly, I am in no way surprised. It sounds identical to many of my stories and to those my other DOE friends tell. I Hope you are able to move on the bigger and better things. Sadly, I have reached the point that I am looking to leave teaching because the combination of the awful administrators, out-of-control children who don't care to learn, and insane parents has driven me out.