SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Deserved Salutes To Uncle Mike Bloomberg And The 61% NYC Graduation Rate!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Deserved Salutes To Uncle Mike Bloomberg And The 61% NYC Graduation Rate!

Today, Uncle Mike Bloomberg proudly announced that graduation rates for 4 year students are now up to 61% percent. We here at SBSB applaud Uncle Mike and his minions at Tweed for the ability to misinterpret numbers and skew the truth to make them look good. Bravo!

Unfortunately, as with anything Uncle Mike announces reality is always hovering nearby. As Gotham Schools reported today;’s data also draw attention to the fact that many city students are making it to graduation despite weak academic skills. According to a new measure the state adopted this year, just 21 percent of students who entered city high schools in 2006 were ready for college four years later.
With all the credit recovery schemes, quotas and whatnot going on just how "real" is this 4 year graduation rate and why isn't the city concerned that only 1 in 5 students are ready for the rigorous course and academic demands of college?

The crack team here at SBSB went scouring the city's graduation factories, whoops, high schools mentioned in the Gotham Schools article for a student that graduated within 4 years. After an exhaustive search and promises of  month's supply of White Castles we came across a student that was willing to share about his feelings of falling in the 61%. For reasons that are obvious, this student wishes to remain anonymous. Here now is SBSB's guest blogger, Student X.

      High. i wont to thank Bronx Teecher for inviting mee hear to writ abowt how I feeel about graduationg within 4 years. this is nowt by fist time wrriting on a blog. I have done this onece other time.SO this is my 5th time wrighting on a blog.

       I think my graduatioing of high school is grate. It is like the time that Germans bombed Perl Harbour. Know wone expected it to happen. Sertainly not PAul Revere who had no time to warn that the Germans weere cumming. Btt not like the Germanss I don;t want go to a Yanke game and see A-ROd play. I think A Rod is goodd. but I think if he was German, it he would not be that good.

       My principla is nice. I diddn't show up for classs for three monthss. I didn;t want to not pass the semester. So he told me to do a report of 3 paragraphs on a AmerIcan that made a difffrence.

        I rote about MIRANDA COSGROVE. The differnce she maaid is that on one show she was a sister to Drake and Josh. On anotther show she wasn;t a sister to them and she was ICARLY.

         i passed tht and gott a good graide on that i feeled good that I wass aible to do that becase it made me felt good.

       So I woild like to sai thank you to the Mayor for
        hellping to me to graduating.

There you have it. Proof that Uncle Mike does not see student graduation rates as just a number, that he truly cares about students.

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