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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Next South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast

This coming Tuesday night, June 14 at 9 PM EDT. One of the most egregious cases of Teacher Abuse ever!  call in # 917 932 8721

My guest works in a District 26 MS. She has been with the DOE for 12 years. Her current principal hired her at his school.  She went back into the classroom signed a grievance, got a U rated lesson. She then became chapter leader and never got anything but U ratings.She is now facing termination charges for incompetence based on 3 years of observations that are poorly written fiction. There has to be someone to look into all of the authority that principals are being given.  The evil villains are being trained en mass at the Leadership Academy and then are continuing to be empowered by the Teacher Performance Unit (TPU).A good teacher removed and subject to this humiliation while the DOE pays an "attorney", to write up formalized papers  Her finger prints are flagged, so that all chance of extra income, tutoring, camp counselor, is lost. She has lost so many employment opportunities due to this man's vendetta.  Some attention needs to be paid to the smoke and mirrors of Last In First Out as that whole argument just allows the DOE to prosecute tenured teachers and have them removed. If we examined this issue more closely, we would see that this same principal has brought these charges on 3 teachers in less than 6 months, all of whom earn at least $76,000. In essence if this attack is successful and this principal does in fact win all of the cases he will have managed to cut $250,000.00 from his budget. 

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Same Sit Different Day said...

I think the media should do a more comprehensive study of Weiner's weiner. It should not pay attention to Landrieu, this monster of a principal at this middle school, or to the AP's who destroy teachers' lives at his bidding after attending "Leadership" Academy. After all, destroying the lives of dedicated educators is a public service.