SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Little Evan Stone And Princess Sydney Morris Are Do-Gooders (Thank God!)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Little Evan Stone And Princess Sydney Morris Are Do-Gooders (Thank God!)

Let's try this. Rat-tat-tat-tat-tat (sound of teletype)rat-tat-tat-tat....From the newsroom of Educators4Excllence, breaking news!!!!

E4E, Little Evan Stone, and Princess Sydney Morris have been featured on as a couple of gosh diddly darn do gooders! Yes, in an article entitled, "Educators 4 Excellence: An Independent Voice for Teachers" (notice the major typo when you see the article) written and attributed to no one, this puff piece shows just how how wonderful and flawed the whole E4E cult truly is.

Sadly the same old propaganda is used; Two years ago, Sydney Morris and Evan Stone were both teaching at a traditional district elementary school in the North Bronx. Morris taught 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms and Stone taught 5th graders. Both teachers reveled in their careers and were extremely passionate about their profession. However, they came to realize much of the control and responsibility they were granted within the classroom was lost outside of its four walls. Morris recalls the pair feeling they had zero say on the policy level.

Oh joy, the reveled in their careers. They are so set apart from the rest of the 80,000+ educators in NYC. But...... What's this? They seemed to realize that they couldn't control policy?  They had zero to say?

Why not join the school leadership team? This is a quite effective, and some would say better way, to effect change, policy at the school level. But I guess being children of privilege they don't expect to roll up their sleeves and work their way to the top. One would assume that like a country club in which you getting voting rights immediately, they expected the same from the UFT and Tweed. But then again, the more cynical person will see that they paid kvetchers doing the bidding of Gates, Broad, et. al.

Sydney blabbers; “Policy decisions were made at the 30,000 foot level without any input from classroom teachers,” Morris says. “We didn’t have a say in the decisions that affected our students. We realized the need to bridge the gap between the people that create policy and the people who implement it.”

See above, Re: school leadership team

Morris and Stone co-founded the teacher-led nonprofit organization, Educators 4 Excellence in spring 2010 while they were both still teaching

Yes, they did, and with a nice $250K of gelt from Democrats For Education Reform which laundered it for the Gates Foundation. Why don't Little Evan or Princess Sydney ever mention this?

The organization started with 16 teachers and has grown in less than two years to include 3,200 teachers. 

Oh please. Where is this number, 3,200 derived from? They barely have enough people at their shin dings to qualify for a minyan. I would say a good number of those 3,200 signed up to watch a train wreck.

Morris’ passion for teaching transferred into a new calling: to give teachers a voice so students can ultimately succeed.

So why didn't her students succeed? 

The nonprofit provides informed access to timely and relevant information about teaching and education policy.

Why is a non-profit needed for this? Timely and relevant information can be found on, and I bite my tongue as I say this, Gotham Schools. Oh, but then Little Evan and Princess Sydney won't be getting any attention.

“We believe in the importance of bringing teachers together to network because it can be a very isolating profession,” explains Morris. “We give them the chance to come together with like-minded policy makers across the city through a series of events and panel discussions where teachers can share their ideas.”

Yes, thank you for getting teachers together, but if one were to look in the back of the UFT paper one would notice that the UFT sponsors trips to outlet malls, Broadway shows, and putt-putt golf. 

But, E4E's events and panel discussions are so tightly controlled. Just how neutral are these events?

To become a member of Educators 4 Excellence, teachers must sign the nonprofit’s declaration. The declaration supports a commitment to excellence by  elevating teaching as a profession in order to drive better outcomes for students.

OH VEY!!!!! Yes, one must sign a declaration supporting E4E's convoluted truths, but so did Germans have to sign onto the plans of the National Socialist party.

To put their methods into action, Educators 4 Excellence forms teacher-led policy teams. Groups of 15 teachers delve into one specific issue in education and look at research, surveys, other states and districts to devise an outline of what they would like to see in terms of education policy reform.

Yes, each teacher with an average of of about 26 and with 2.5 years experience are attempting to decide, with the nefarious backing of Uncle Mike and Sock Puppet Walcott, the fate of thousands of teachers.

Educators 4 Excellence focuses on how to create a system for teacher evaluations that fairly and equitably evaluates teachers, while also placing an emphasis on supporting them to improve.

Translated: Educators4Excellence focuses on the directions of billionaires ensconced  in their billionaire homes holding the purse string as well as the puppet strings. 

This is another fraudulent piece written by God knows whom. E4E, Little Evan, and Princess Sydney still refuse to come clean in where they get their money from and who really calls the shots.

Want to claim to be grassroots? Want to join a true grassroots movement? Look at GEM. Independent voice and no billionaires. In fact don't forget to see the GEM produced The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman movie, December 8th at the Emily Dickinson School, 735 West End Ave in Manhattan.

One more thing, some say I might harp on E4E just a tad much. But if we let our guard down with this group they will become dangerous. They are bullies and frauds. The only way to defeat them is to continue to keep the heat on, to continue to expose what they are. Think about it.


Anonymous said...

You think Evan bukkakes Sydney????

Anonymous said...

Another fine and important piece. You are right about keeping up the heat and you do it better than any one with these frauds. Thank you, brother. I look forward to the next installment.


Betty said...

This article has a byline. Do you just want it to appear to be a conspiracy to strengthen your argument against E4E? Also I'm not seeing a typo.

Pete Zucker said...

Thanks Betty. Yes, the article NOW as a byline. When I wrote the post the article in question DID NOT have a byline.

Guess what? There was a typo as well, Independent was spelled, INDEPEDNET.

Also, you think by whining about a typo the argument against E4E is strengthened? No. It shows the depths that Little Evan ans Princess Sydney will sink to attract attention to some no-name media site and some hack reporter who throws softballs.

Betty, don't you think it is time for some real reporting in E4E, not all this colon cleansing by the media?