SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Upcoming November Failtacular Of Little Evan Stone And E4E

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Upcoming November Failtacular Of Little Evan Stone And E4E

Just for those who are breathlessly awaiting the next Educators4Excellence propaganda meeting, on Tuesday, November 29 at 6 PM EDT those wonderful kids are sponsoring yet another one sided, for lack of a better word, forum at the American Museum of Natural History. After reading Accountable Talk's blog today, this might be quite an opportunity for a Mic Night. But I have digressed and this is something that can be touched on at another time.

The forum, or symposium if you will is entitled; "The Future of Teacher Prep," and ostensibly is on the current and future status of teacher prep. This is an issue deep to the heart of Little Evan Stone as he told the mole that infiltrated the E4E shin ding back on October 14. Little Evan Stone shared with our mole is unhappiness with the current state of college education prep courses while feigning amnesia to the 50 hour, 5 week prep work that Teach For America provides to aspiring teachers in the month before the aspirants are put in schools entrusted with our students education.

Among those on the bill for the evening is former New York State Commissioner for Education and current Dean of Education at Hunter College, David Steiner. We wonder if David Steiner is getting a speaking fee for this appearance. The SBSB crack team uncovered his web page for the speaker's bureau that he is engaged with. Of course, we here at SBSB do not wish to deny anyone the opportunity to earn a dollar, we question this since E4E enabler Whitney Tilson decried the lack of disclosure in Diane Ravitch's speaking fees, but wonder if the acceptance of speaking fees should not only be disclosed by public employees, such as David Steiner, but if Hunter College has some type of regulation in regards to the acceptance of speaking fees. We are only bringing this up to insure that E4E does not in any way look hypocritical. Editor's note 11/6/11 David Steiner emailed us here at SBSB and had this to say; "For the record, I have zero relationship with any speakers agency, and I am getting no honorarium for the November 29th event. I checked your link, and your sources are correct that I am listed by that Agency - I have never even heard of it. I will of course be contacting them as soon as someone will answer their phone to demand they withdraw my name from their website."

Also up on the panel is someone named Maritza Macdonald. Maritza is Senior Director of Education and Policy at the American Museum of Natural History. From what we have been able to ascertain through E4E's invite is the AMNH is the first new "college of teacher preparation in a century," in New York City. Funny, from the links on the AMNH web page it seems that the classes are just being held at AMNH, but the certification, the classes, and the whole shebang are being sponsored and run by Teacher's College. Curiously, Maritza seems like a stand up educator. One would wonder what she would do if she knew of the funding behind E4E and its true motivations. Maritza, feel free to contact us at any time.

And last, but certainly least is Kathryn Hayes, Partner in Program Evaluation at the New Teacher Project. As you can see, Kathryn has quite an extensive history in not being an educator. Please, someone, explain to me why an MBA is important to education? But we here at SBSB welcome her appearance. This will be a perfect opportunity to ask her about the failings of Michelle Rhee and the goings on of the Broad Foundation. I am sure she will welcome such inquiries.

As far Little Evan Stone and E4E, this is yet another example of not fully disclosing its motivation and monies to the public and those it invites on its panels. Also, yet another example of its hypocrisy. Please, think about attending. This will be a perfect opportunity for Mic Night. We all know how Little Evan gets when there is dissent.


zulma said...

Let's pass the words to others and have an E$E people's mic moment at their meeting.

Hopefully, someone will organize this and make it happen.

Unknown said...

Is, um.... Is... that a picture of you?