SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Dennis Walcott Proves He Is A Puppet

Friday, February 15, 2013

Dennis Walcott Proves He Is A Puppet

Amazing that I and The Crack Team are still able to get these super duper secret emails that Sock Puppet Chancellor Walcott send out to his centurions, er, I meant principals. The emails are now harder to get, yet through quite nefarious mean, still quite obtainable. Attached to the email is a letter to hand to parents for them to prepare for low scores as well.

So to summarize, Dennis' email he appears to be greasing the skids for the abject total complete shitty scores the NYC DOE is expecting because the tests are "harder." Well, what else can one expect when there is bullshit curriculum being used and implemented across the city. Do you think the parents of Roslyn, Scarsdale, Upper Saddle River, or Rye or being told to expect low scores? Noooooooooo!!!!!

Funny thing I notice, in Dennis' email he suggests that parents be directed to EngageNY or Common Core Library to learn more. Yeah, sure, right, of course, that is really going to happen. /sarcasm

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Anonymous said...

In the 1980s, post Frank Macchiarola, the DOE liked to change assessments every two years or so to fool the people into believing we were making progress. At the time, our Mayor was not running the schools.

Look how much progress we have made. With the Mayor in charge, we lied to the people for years about the old assessments. Now that we have new assessments, the Mayor already knows that we will fail and we must prepare for that.

At least Bloomberg recognizes that his education policies are an abject failure. If he can just get away with lying to the people one more time, he can propogate the illusion that he did something for kids and schools. If he would fade into the sunset after this year there might be some hope for schools. Unfortunately for the children of our city, his giant ego will keep him meddling for years.