SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Teacher X Supports The Movement of Rank and File Educators (MORE Caucus) In Upcoming UFT Elections

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Teacher X Supports The Movement of Rank and File Educators (MORE Caucus) In Upcoming UFT Elections

Like Popeye eating a can of spinach, or A-Rod shooting up some HGH, I felt reinvigorated driving home from yesterday's Movement of Rank and File Educators (MORE) meeting.

I admit I was skeptical about the movement, in fact any movements, and sadly I said as much on these pages. I was wrong, I was mistaken.

As I am heading up the West Side Highway on my way home yesterday afternoon I place a call to a friend of mine who has been an ATR for the last 3 years. I figure that as an ATR he can help distribute MORE flyers to a different school each week. He is a valuable cog.

For the purposes of his anonymity he shall hencforth be known on these pages as Teacher X. The small talk at the beginning of the conversation relating to the new configuration of Madison Square Garden, the New York Rangers, and Ron Greschner are omitted.

Me: So the reason I am calling you is to ask what you think of the UFT and Mike Mulgrew

Teacher X: The UFT and Mulgrew can go &*!@# $%$ )*  #$**###!!

Me: Really? Why do you say that?

Teacher X: Because Mulgrew is a #@$(!@@ ###&@ !@!$. The %*&$@^$^$ sold us out and does not care for us. Let's see Bloomberg do what he is doing to teachers with the cops. You would see Lynch on TV so fast blowing a gasket against Bloomberg it would make your head spin. The day after there would be at least 30,000 cops protesting in a rather loud manner at City Hall.

Me: (And I got this idea from Accountable Talk and the MORE blogs) Are you better off now than you were three years ago?

Teacher X: %^&# no!

Me: If you could vote out the current UFT leadership would you?

Teacher X: YES!

Me: Did you know there is a union wide election coming up?

Teacher X: No.

Me: I'm with MORE and we have a great slate of candidates running against the current leadership. Would you consider voting for them?

Teacher X: YES!

Me: If I supply you with flyers can you put the flyers in the teacher's mailboxes at the schools you go to? This is legal but please be sure you only do it before or after school and during your lunch.

Teacher X: YES!

So there we have it. One vote of many more to come. But what is disconcerting, and it is just not with Teacher X, is there is a lack of knowledge amongst the rank and file of not only of an upcoming union wide election, but just any information about the union at all. It's as if the current UFT leadership only wants the rank and file to know what the union decides to let it know.

It won't be like that if the MORE caucus wins. The vibe I have gotten from the meetings of MORE is that not one single person involved is there for their own glory. Each person involved with MORE joined because they all see and understand the sickness that has permeated education in the last ten years and all not only want to take a stand against it but to eradicate the sickness not only from New York City but from all over the United States of America.

MORE wants to give a voice and expects to hear the voice from each and every member of the UFT.  With MORE, decisions that effect the membership won't be agreed upon in a back room and rammed through a compliant DA. Like the New England Town Meetings, all voices will be heard and all voices will be able to vote.

Below is the current flyer that is being distributed by MORE. Print it out. Share it with your colleagues. Talk it up with your colleagues. Post the flyer in every social media site you can think of.

The time is now for change.

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Francesco Portelos said...

It's a growing movement that I'm proud to be a part of.