SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: All The Evil That Eva Moskowitz Enables Is Egregious

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

All The Evil That Eva Moskowitz Enables Is Egregious

 Eva Sie haben es wieder getan. Sie haben Ihr wahres Gesicht und die wahre Methode, die Success Academy erfolgreich ist in deinem Geist gezeigt. Wie? Oh bitte Eva, die Wahrheit heraus bereits. Ja, Sie loszuwerden, die lästigen Heilpädagogik Studenten zusammen mit den Schülern mit Verhaltensauffälligkeiten. Gib es zu, das ist, wie diese Testergebnisse durch die Decke gehen, nicht

Oops, excuse me. I lost my head for a moment. I was writing personally to Eva in her native German, then I remembered not all readers of SBSB speak German. So The Crack Team decided to add the translation;

Eva you have done it again. You have shown your true colors and the real method that Success Academy is successful in your mind. How? Oh please Eva, the truth is out already. Yes, you get rid of those pesky special education students along with the students with behavior problems. Admit it, that is how those test scores go through the roof, right?

After reading Juan Gonzalez' column today in the Daily News on the suspension rates at Success Academies and reading such instances such as;
has for years used a “zero tolerance” disciplinary policy to suspend, push out, discharge or demote the very pupils who might lower those scores — children with special needs or behavior problems.
the fast-growing network has failed at times to adhere to federal and state laws in disciplining special-education students.
Eva Moskowitz recently defended her network’s “higher than average” suspension rates compared with public schools as a way to promote “order and civility in the classroom.” 
the network’s administrators removed special-education pupils from normal classrooms for weeks and even months, while at the same time pressuring their parents to transfer them to regular public schools.

And of course such writings on this blog such as; Eva's lack of ethics, corporal punishment at HSA 3, counseling students out, and what she did to Matthew Sprowal, here and here, got The Crack Team thinking. What other person and/or group in the 20th century reminds us what Eva has wrought today? 

We spent some quality time here at SBSB wondering whilst rubbing our chins and pondering. Then it dawned on us!

We are reminded of Hitler and the National Socialist Party. Like Hitler and the National Socialist Party Eva and Success Academy strives for perfection, to be the very best, and that all must follow it decrees.

Like Hitler and the National Socialist Party only wanted purity in the populace, the case can be made that Eva and Success Academy wants only purity at their schools. 

Like Hitler and the National Socialist Party which decided that those who were not pure, Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, the crippled, were not of any use and will bring shame up the Fatherland thus terminated, Eva and Success Academy decide which students are not pure of learning and not any use to das Mutterland and are soon terminated from their education.

As Hitler and the National Socialist Party were appeased by Chamberlain at Munich, so have Eva and Success Academy been by Bloomberg at Albany.
As Hitler and National Socialist Party were allowed to militarize the Rhineland, so were Eva and Success Academy allowed to open the 1st school.

The same way the Hitler and the National Socialist Party wished to maintain order and civility, so does Eva and Success Academy wish to maintain order and civility.

Eva is a con artist, a charlatan, and a grifter all rolled into one. Don't trust this woman. She is a huckster, a self promoter, all about herself.

Let's see how these students of hers, students that she wishes to be thoughtless animatrons, do when they get into college. Let's see then, where their lack of skills at critical thinking, thinking for themselves, and any ability to be leaders will expose Eva for the fraud that she is.

Eva, take that magic elixir and that wagon, and high tail it out of town.


Anonymous said...

Eva didn't give up politics, she took it to the next step with less risk and more rewards. Not too many people with a PhD in history and no other credentials can command a $400,00 salary. She used her personal relationship with Joel Klein to get everything she wanted. In an honest city administration, that alone would be enough to revoke his pension.

Anonymous said...

Your comparison is right on the mark!!!!

Anonymous said...'s_law

Pete Zucker said...

From the link concerning Godwin's Law;

"inappropriate, inordinate, or hyperbolic comparisons of other situations (or one's opponent) with Nazis – often referred to as "playing the Hitler card". The law and its corollaries would not apply to discussions covering known mainstays of Nazi Germany such as genocide, eugenics, or racial superiority"

With Eva Moskowitz; completely relevant.

Pete Zucker said...

Would it be better if we compare her to Pol Pot? Mussolini? Jefferson Davis? The KKK? Sadam Hussein? Ghadafi? The Shah? A plantation owner from the antebellum South? Harold Hill? The Borg? Colonel Klink? Stalin?