SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Takeover of PS 154 by Bronx Classical Charter Has Begun

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Takeover of PS 154 by Bronx Classical Charter Has Begun

We here at SBSB wish to extend  a laurel and hearty handshake to our new overlords and betters at PS 154, Bronx Classical Charter II. We look forward to years of acquiescence and seeing how the monies flow into BCC II and out of PS 154.

We also have come to realize that as your school expands, 154 will shrink in size as if having spent the entire afternoon in a cold pool. Also, we know that as BCC II counsels out students it deems
unworthy, that PS 154 stands a good chance of getting these students. That, and the fact that PS 154 is a failing school and the new district wide open enrollment starting this year for Kindergarten only assures that PS 154 will certainly have an eclectic array of students with IEP's, ELL's, behavior issues, psychological issues, and a consortium of other issues which should only have the community of PS 154 upset. Sadly, that remains to be seen.

Last week the staff got a preliminary set of rules to follow when we return to PS 154, or as The Crack Team likes to say, the "J.D. Hyatt Education Complex."

These rules will consist of;

No P.S. 154 staff member or student may walk down the charter school hallways. 

Staff in Rooms 326, 328, and 330 may not put furniture or garbage in the  hallway until the conclusion of the charter school's school day (4:30 p.m.). 

BCC II is moving onto the 3rd floor and will eventually occupy the entire 3rd floor. We here at SBSB call bullocks! Like a cancer,  BCC II will slowly engorge the healthy host.

If leaving prior to 4:30, please make a recognizable pile of garbage or furniture to be discarded at the front of the classroom and label it clearly for the custodians to see. 

All staff are permitted to use the adult bathrooms on the third floor.  All bathrooms are common space.

This will not last long.

In the P.S. 154 parking lot, spaces #2 - 5 are the only spots that are open to P.S. 154 staff on a first come, first serve basis. 

We predict problems. 

But enough of those rules, The Crack Team was able to obtain a super secret copy of further rules and regulations that have yet to be officially shared. The rules and regulations consist of;

When students of PS 154 complain to staff that the BCC II students seem to have the latest in textbooks, working water fountains and bathrooms, fresh paint in the classrooms, and the latest in physical education equipment, teachers will be instructed to pretend that the students are hallucinating and tell the students there is no charter school in the building. 

When the parents of PS 154 see that we are lagging behind academically of BCC II, explain to the parents that even though the students at BCC II are involved in a challenging, robust, creative CURRICULI, that students should feel blessed at PS 154 for being able to not learn using Readers and Writers Workshop and strict adherence to the Common Core standards.

When parents of PS 154 wonder why their children are not safe, point out to such parents how well behaved the students are at BCC II and explain the students are not that way for BCC II does not use the latest fad for school discipline (Just for the record, we here at SBSB to not condone the goose stepping of the students at BCC II).

When parents of PS 154 inquire as to what the future is for the school, explain to parents (In a manner in which Steve Martin explained in The Jerk about prizes) what will be left of the learning area at PS 154.

There will be more rules and regulations next week. One thing The Crack Team has noticed is that what we were told would be a partnership of PS 154 and BCC II as suddenly started to become one sided, advantage BCC II.

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