SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: UFT Solidarity Jumps the Shark. Again.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

UFT Solidarity Jumps the Shark. Again.

Earlier this morning, the SBSB news team received an email with something quite interesting regarding UFT Solidarity. The email was turned over to The Crack Team for analysis and confirmation.

This blog post would have been posted much earlier in the day if two things did not happen. One, several members of The Crack Team laughed so hard that they became completely incontinent and had to be rushed to the Westchester Medical Center ER. They are back to work now after being thoroughly cleaned up, checked for injuries, and their clothes sent to the dry cleaners.

Second, when fed the information in the email, the SBSB computers completely went on the fritz and since our IT person was at the ER as well (For attempting to gouge his eyes out) we had to turn to our IT intern, Zippy the Brain Damaged Chimp, to get the computers up and running again.

Before we share with the SBSB readership, our legal intern, Zippy the Brain Damaged Chimp (Zippy wears many hats), has suggested that we blur out any images in which our readers might find offensive and to warn those with weak constitutions, heart conditions, small children, the elderly, to avert their eyes or wear the protective visor that Spock wore when greeting the Medusan ambassador Kollos.

Are you ready? Last chance. OK, here we go.

There you have it. And just in case anyone thinks The Crack Team created this, you are wrong so go here.

As usual the autocratic nature of UFT Solidarity allows room for only one voice, one face, one opinion, one idea.

A caucus or even a union us more than just one person, it is many people contributing many ideas, opinions, voices, faces, that when meshed together join and make one larger and more importantly, stronger voice that everyone will not only listen to but hear as well.

When you run a caucus in the UFT election you are part of a team, a slate. Why anyone would want to focus all the attention on just themselves is beyond reproach.

The community, the students, the education process needs to be emphasized in any campaign poster. As written about here, just focusing on teachers is counter productive to the cause.

Besides, is this not putting the cart before the horse? Would one not have to be on the ballot first?

From an aesthetic point of view this is a mess. My dad was in advertising, my wife an artist and graphic designer. The background color is a mess, along with the matted colors of the fonts. The fonts are a mess, all out of place, some bigger than others. There is nothing to catch your eye and there are just way too many words and promises that there is nothing that stands out and there is no substance. Too many promises that are just generic or no way to keep.

But this is reminiscent of a child that decides in November he is going to be Batman for Halloween the following year. By November 2, the child already is pestering mommy and daddy if he can be Batman, watching Batman to learn how to move and speak like him.

Again, a caucus is for the people, by the people, and of the people of the caucus. Of course this is discounting Unity. Egos and personal vendettas must be checked at the door and the common good is what must be the goal. Being president of the UFT is a democratic process not a coronation.

Where is Snowball when we need him?


Anonymous said...

You know why there is only one person's photo on the flyer? No one wants to be on his slate! He wants people who have spent years in service to all people working in the department of education to bow to him and his leadership. No one wants to be aligned with him. Anyone but him! I might even consider voting for Mildew in 2016 instead of him.

Mary said...

He forgot to add he will decimate personal information on his constituents when they cross him. Well, Sparkles better catch up...People might take this megalomanic seriously.

MaestroLeopold said...

And this is why UNITY will win again - until Solidarity, MORE, ICE, and any caucus I am forgetting learns to work together for a unified vote, than UNITY will always win. You realize that anyone in the UNITY camp who reads this blog is salivating that UNITY has the next election in the bag. So here is the question - do you hate UNITY enough for the other caucuses to work together and build each other up instead of tearing each other down.

Anonymous said...

He is wasting his time....he is not going to be UFT President. Too toxic.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that is the game plan all along....who know what the meeting with Randi was all about. Divide and conquer the slates so no one but Unity will win. You just never know.... He is rascally fellow.

ed notes online said...

I agree that the meeting between Portelos and Randi a week before he formed Solidarity is suspicious. Unity fears the potential of MORE as the one caucus opposing Unity and loves the idea of multiple groups even if they come together for an election, which has been a dismal failure in the past - I will chronicle that on ed notes this week. Why would people vote for 3 groups in an election who can't get together into one group like UNity does? MORE's long-term aim has been to unite people under one banner. Portelos broke that aim which serves Randi and Unity and is the divisive factor - not that people he has slashed and mocked and harassed won't work with him. Randi knew the ego would insist on running for president - especially since he put up a Portelos for 2016 site in May 2014 when he was still on MORE steering committee. When it was clear that MORE would never choose him for presidential candidate on their slate he had to create his own caucus to accomplish that. People like Dan Leopold are being snookered.

Anonymous said...

Portelos is a worse choice than Mulgrew Dan. Solidarity is the new Unity stalking horse as New Action was showing it could not deliver enough votes to stop MORE. This time create a group that would attack them to look militant while doing the work of Unity to tear apart the opposition - Portelos is a classic divider, not a uniter.

Anonymous said...

It is only a matter of time before Dan realizes the truth just like everyone else. I wouldn't be surprise if Randi has a job lined up for Portelos after the elections. Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

$50bet after Porto finished that poster he got out the astroglide and a few tissues.

Anonymous said...

did portelos leave his hammock to sue you yet?

Pete Zucker said...

Not yet but I've retained the law firm of Dewey, Cheatum, & Howe just in case.