SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: UFT Solidarity Whiffs Bernie Sanders Kickoff Event

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

UFT Solidarity Whiffs Bernie Sanders Kickoff Event

One thing we here at SBSB have taken pride in is our ability to spot the proverbial pungent odors that emanate from those purveyors of road apples. Never has that odor been as strong as what has been wafting from UFT Solidarity.

Again UFT Solidarity has put its proverbial foot in its proverbial mouth when due to some inane insecurity it decided to make itself look big when in essence it was just no more than paper tiger.

As many remember there was a big Bernie Sanders kickoff event across this fine country of ours several weeks ago. People gathered around TV sets, radios, computers to join in support of Bernie Sanders.

Like a peacock so desperate to show off what it has the so called "Social Media Committee" of UFT Solidarity shared this on Facebook;
While we praise UFT Solidarity for sticking its finger into the wind and having that kickoff event we must remind UFT Solidarity that it is incorrect in several ways.

1. That other "socialist" caucus did have Bernie Kickoff, and 2) It kicked ass! Let's take a look see.
There were 300 people at the event led by MORE steering committee member Mindy Rosier and emceed by WBAI personality Julianna Forlano. By herself. And for something she actually believes in.

Look at all the TV's. Look at all the happy faces. Look at the bar. Look at the person in the foreground with notes. This looks cool.

 Now let's have a look at the UFT Solidarity Bernie Kickoff )Full disclosure. Rush bassist, lead singer and other "socialist" caucus supporter Geddy Lee, has been kind enough to allow us here at SBSB to use his face to to hide the identities, of the few at the UFT Solidarity Kickoff.).

 See the difference?

But wait! What is a Bernie Kickoff without media coverage? Surely, the "Social Media Committee" of UFT Solidarity put out a press release and the New York media was knocking down the door.

Sadly, no. All they had was someone with a camera phone.

On the other hand, the other "socialist" caucus had this. 
"A few hundred people gathered at a downtown bar in New York City on 4th Avenue in what was hailed as one of the largest gatherings. Prior to Sanders' speech the crowd shouted out the reasons they were supporting Sanders, citing paid family leave, free college and overturning Citizens United."
Along with banner Mindy herself created; 

The Crack Team suggests that there be a shake up in the "Social Media Committee" of UFT Solidarity post haste. God forbid UFT Solidarity starts losing credibility.


Anonymous said...

UFT Solidarity sucks.

Anonymous said...

Kind of funny they make all this noise about how they want to align with other causes but make snide cracks about them. Anyone who thinks that's the way to make alliances is unqualified to run a union.

Pete Zucker said...

Yes. It is funny. Especially when there is practically an email a day apparently now demanding a joint slate.

Mary said...
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Mary said...

Mindy Rosier is probably one of the few sincere, hardworking activists fighting to make our country a better place. Thank you for juxtaposing what a true activists does against the antics of some insincere self-serving UFT members. Kudos to you Peter and of course to Mindy!

Anonymous said...

Since when is MORE socialist? Plenty of non socialists in MORE.

Anonymous said...

Once a day? Probably 5 times a day - pleading to be let in to MORE and ICE - please, sir, can I have some more porridge?

Anonymous said...

Bernie Sanders type socialist - which is a social democrat - which many people in this nation are - sort of Scandinavia types - funny the crowds that socialist is drawing. Maybe MORE should declare itself a socialist party.

Anonymous said...

Did I spot a bald head in the crowd at the More kick off? Gosh could it be the manager of the 5 star restaurant that was holding the event?

Pete Zucker said...

Or Lex Luthor?

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