SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Fools Are Not Dangerous, Just Sad

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fools Are Not Dangerous, Just Sad

If you consistently read this blog you know I have been forthcoming in addressing the charges that were brought against me in my 3020a. I might not have addressed the charges as expeditiously as some have wished, but there are other things to write about and besides, it takes a lot out of me emotionally to write about the charges.

When I have written about the charges and the hearing (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here here, and here) I have always been candid and forthcoming. I have not hid from anything and have taken responsibility for my actions.

Sadly, there are others who have thrust themselves upon a mountain top and look down from their noses on the same people in the same situations and anoint themselves the arbiter of sharing one's 3020-a and stories.

I do I jump for anyone.

Too think intimidation after what I had been through is going to work is quite illogical.

No one has the right to play God, to play Judge, or just to decide what morals or rules someone else must follow. We have enough of that in this country with the Republican Party.

I am far, far from perfect and there are plenty of things I wish I had done differently during that 2012-13 school year. But I do know the truth. I do know what happened. What gives someone the right to take out of context my 3020a through speculation and supposition what I did when in fact that person requests, yet demands of every living being on planet Earth must believe that person's story without question?

One thing I do pride myself on is my moral compass. It might be a bit askew at times, I might come off too cocky at times, too temperamental, too opinionated, but I do whatever I can to live by that compass.

I hate to bring up another Rush reference, but from the song "Faithless"on 2007's "Snakes and Arrows" CD the first paragraph drives home a point.
I've got my own moral compass to steer by 
A guiding star beats a spirit in the sky 
And all the preaching voices - Empty vessels ring so loud 
As they move among the crowd 
Fools and thieves are well disguised..... 
I take pride in whenever I was taken into a colleague's confidence whatever I was told stayed with me. I would not, even if that teacher pissed me off or threw me under the bus, violated that confidence. Nor, would I do something to embarrass that teacher.

In the time I spent in the Rubber Room the last two years I heard the usual stories, (Like in Shawshank Redepmtion...("Everyone's innocent in here") but it was not my place to judge. My place only was to support in any way I can. I did not push an agenda on anyone. I gave them their options and they decided what is best for them.

I would never try to get back or hurt a colleague by using their family against them or using unfounded third party rumors. No matter what, that person was my colleague. That person, if worse came to worse, would be ignored. Only those that have serious self-esteem issues, those that have to make themselves bigger than they are commit such acts.
 I am proud that I have not once used, nor will I ever, on these pages comments of my principal's family. Even the families of others I find despicable will never be used on these pages.

Fighting dirty is not being a man and not being an adult and in no way gives one any cred in "sticking up for what is right." It just makes one look like a petty little 7 year old on the playground during recess that runs home to mommy's teat when the going gets rough.

If anyone wants to know anything about what happened in my 3020s or my charges my email account is right in there on the right. Email and ask me. Or email and I'll give you my number or we can meet. I have no problem discussing anything. But no one has the right to shame me or to demand me into sharing when or how I want to share.
I've got my own spirit level for balance
To tell if my choice is leaning up or down
And all the shouting voices
Try to throw me off my course
Some by sermon, some by force
Fools and thieves are dangerous
Trying to prove Freud wrong is an uphill battle. Freud was right.


ed notes online said...

I attended almost every one of peter's hearings and every charge was based on the principal's predetermined decision to get him. Smoking a few feet over the line a block away from the school? Give me a break. I attended other hearings where much worse was done with lighter penalties. Not one hint at peter's hearing by doe legal that he ever did anything to undermine or attack a fellow teacher. I have extensive notes I take at hearings. I admit I went in fearing I would hear some bad stuff because peter can be volatile. I was pleasantly surprised at how little they really had on him given their vendetta. I emerged from the hearings feeling even more support for him than when i went in. The testimony of one parent with a troubled child harrassed by the admin that peter was the only teacher who showed real concern for her child was poignant.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if they still do, but NYSED used to provide unredacted copies of all the §3020-a hearing panel decisions to the NYS Association of School Attorneys and the NYS School Boards Association.

Anonymous said...

I support my fellow teachers except for those convicted of harming children. I am familiar with harassment tactics used by vindictive principals. We all have our shortcomings. I have no respect for teachers who consider themselves above the fray. "There but for the grace of God go I."

Abigail Shure

Anonymous said...

Is it true that even if you "win" a 3030A hearing that you get blackballed with a problem code and will probably languish as an ATR forever? I would not wish even on my worst enemy having to face a 3020A hearing. It seems like once a person is even accused and placed in front of a 3020A hearing that they are doomed to life as a permanent ATR for the rest of their career. (Or is it indeed possible that a decent principal can hire you?)

ed notes online said...

Yes - you are in lifetime limbo - unless a benevolent Principal has pity. And totally abandoned by the union.