SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: UFT Solidarity Seems Unable to Get a Story Straight

Sunday, September 20, 2015

UFT Solidarity Seems Unable to Get a Story Straight

What a week it has been. The decision to run a joint slate between MORE and New Action has surely caused an impact from celebrations throughout the galaxy to those who remain in denial.

For those still in denial we here at SBSB recommend that the 5 stages of grief be looked into. Anger will come next, and then bargaining (Some say bargaining has been non-stop) and then depression and then acceptance.

The Crack Team came into some interesting writing from UFT Solidarity over the weekend that are curious. The Crack Team's  journalism intern Zippy the Brain Damaged Chimp© was given the task of responding to the writings. As per the somewhat usual method, the responses will be within the body of the email in red. 

As we speak, there is a meeting taking place in NYC now Ooooh. Ominous words. Must be a conspiracy brewing. Another UFT group GUESS WHO???  is nominating their own UFT presidential candidate to run against me Yes, it is always about you, you, you, you, you!! and UFT Solidarity the Shlimazel Caucus. And of course bringing up the rear those who are not allowed to be named nor shown on campaign posters. In fact why are they mentioned?. This despite many repeated attempts by us to work together When these attempts are made practically every day when do they stop being attempts and being annoyances and/or OCD?  to overthrow A vote it not an overthrow Mike Mulgrew and friends Aren't Mulgrew and Friends on Nick Jr?. As they have stated, this group is not interested in winning top positions, but rather a few high school seats in the UFT Executive Board Not a few, but all. Same with middle school exec board. Those are quite winnable. MORE won a plurality of HS exec board seats in 2013 Seats we offered for them to have We did not know that here at SBSB how can that offer be refused? By the way, thank you, thank you!. We even offered top slate positions Except the presidency. Why is that? Would not someone who felt secure and grounded with themselves not be worried in a free and fair process of selecting the president. However, ego EGO? Mr Pot meet Mr Kettle. When one has already decreed that one has already one and is going to Staples (Tsk, tsk) to check out office furniture, has priced sashes, has practiced speeches dressed as UFT president in the mirror, been unable to accept criticism, and has probably inquired on how to get a replica Oval Office desk how is it ego on the part of MORE? Wouldn't it just be darn good smarts and good taste? Dang, again with the PROJECTING! got in the way and now the membership's nose is being cut to spite it's face No, someone is just upset about not getting their way. A sad day for UFT members everywhere No. What can we do, but continue to push forward Go for it. If we have to, we will beat all of them Beat? Why is this taken so personal? and bring hope and representation It would have had more (pardon the pun) resonance if UFT Solidarity was bringing balance back to the Force back to the UFT. We have no other choice Who cares. The students, staff and parents depend on this Yes, but not on UFT Solidarity the Shlimazel Caucus . The school system here in NYC depends on us winning ROTFLOAO!.

And then from the ICE List Serv....

Dear UFT brothers and sisters,  

 We had been informed of this coalition for some time now . We didn't say or do anything to stop it, because we want it to happen Yeah sure. Heck, if you remember I have been pushing for a New Action MORE for years There is a difference and besides no one at MORE was angling for a seat on exec board.

This is better for the membership Yeah it is, much, much, much, much better, and bad for Unity. As is the number of Unity members cutting ties and joining us 100 is a big number? Oh, what about the Captain Picard guy?

We, UFT Solidarity, will continue to push forward And go around in circles. We will continue to represent and support. How your groups respond to our upcoming initiatives and actions is up to you This statement is confusing. No one really cares. How all our campaigns run will depend on all of us. 

 Enjoy your weekend and good luck tomorrow. Blah, blah, blah, blah

No one here  or anywhere can keep up with all the spin.


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Anonymous said...

Where is your lawsuit? Maybe Porty should be called the Spin Doctor.

Anonymous said...

Peter did you know he keeps track of all the emails that are sent out from Solidarity? He tracks where his "members" forward them on. I think that is pretty scary and creepy. Solidarity peeps I would think twice before staying in Porty camp!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Porty's lawsuit?
You noticed that Trump is threatening to sue a Super PAC if they continue to run ads critical of him?
Peas of a pod. No wonder some of the Porty cult like Trump.