SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: It's Over. I am Back!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

It's Over. I am Back!

It's over.

The suspension ends today. Ironically, the day my mother would have turned 85 years old.

I go back tomorrow (as an ATR), to a school in District 11 (I have been put there provisionally) which I really don't mind. It is much closer to home, won't have to deal with traffic on the Deegan or the Bronx River Parkway. Just drive into Mount Vernon and cross over into the Bronx a few blocks. Perfect.

I quit the job I had on Tuesday. Felt great working with adults that act like adults for the first time in over 20 years. No backstabbing, no whining, no tattling, just true camaraderie and a healthy work atmosphere.

One of the best things of the job I had is I lost about 5 pounds and got kind of buff. I dare anyone to punch me in the gut.

I have not taught in a class since June of 2013. That's almost 30 months. Shouldn't there be some kind of easing back into society? Though I guess it is better to just jump in feet first.

It's like I am being released from jail, or more like a half-way house. I got sentenced to 30 months, but go released after 23 and sent to the half-way house to finish the rest of my sentence. But the ex-cons get a suit, a bus pass, and a $10, I got jack.

But I feel like I am on parole. I have to check in with a parole officer and if I mess up I am in violation and can easily be sent back from whence I came.

There's this part of me that wants to go full Corporal Klinger. Show up tomorrow wearing a skirt, blouse, heels, make-up, and a push up bra. Something flashy, yet tasteful. Ladies, being that it is December should I go with or without nylons? If anyone has any fashion tips, please share.

I am going in tomorrow and any subsequent day henceforth without a chip on my shoulder. I just can't survive or get by with an attitude like that. It won't do me or anyone else any good.

I want to keep to myself, interact with myself, act professionally, do my job, and keep a smile on my face. Once bitten, twice shy.

But, I will ask for the key to the men's room and seek out the CL.

I really wish I knew what I would be doing in the school tomorrow. Am I a cluster? A classroom teacher? Lunch duty? Office duty? Or will they put me in a closet? I am not taking any chances. I have printed out a lesson from "Share My Lesson" for each grade.

I feel like Detective John Kimble on my first day.

I think I'll use my Austrian accent for the first few days.

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FidgetyTeach said...

Welcome Back to the Asylum! Good thing that tomorrow is will need the weekend to rest. Good luck to you!