SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Carmen Fariña is Nothing But a Disgusting Human Being

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Carmen Fariña is Nothing But a Disgusting Human Being

So here I am taking a break from watching the Lions game and go to check my DOE email account to see if I have my assignment for December 4 yet. There is no assignment, but something even more disgusting. An email from the NYCDOE's own most disgusting human being, Disgusting Carmen Farina. Let's have a looksee.
On this Thanksgiving, I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for the work that you do every day.   

Each of you plays a vital role in putting 1.1 million children on the path to a brighter future. You teach them about the world outside the classroom. You create healthy, safe, supportive, and beautiful school buildings. You bring parents, grandparents, and our communities into schools as partners in this crucial work. I am deeply grateful for all that you do and the difference that you make.   

I wish you a joyful and restful holiday full of reflection, giving thanks, and time spent with family, friends and loved ones.   


Speaking personally, I feel so warm, so thrilled, that Disgusting Fariña feels this way. So thrilled, that I want to reciprocate my feelings to Disgusting Fariña on this Thanksgiving holiday.

I want to thank Disgusting Fariña for doubling down on abusive administrators and completely looking the other way as said administrators rule their schools without any ethics or fear of repercussions in destroying the careers, through lies, illegalities, and fantasy of the their hard working teachers. A teacher leaves a seat up in the staff bathroom, a letter in the file to that teacher. A teacher asks a contradictory question of a principal, off to the Rubber Room and to a 3020-a hearing for that teacher.

But, a principal that lies, perjures themselves in sworn testimony, it's not a big deal, right Disgusting Fariñ? A principal creates false documents to give an unsatisfactory observations, hey no big deal.

But if you are a real big shot and you really, really screw up, what happens? You get moved up to sit on Disgusting Fariña's cabinet! WOW!  I've said to people over and over that if you are an admin in the NYCDOE you can be caught  over the dead body, blood splattered on you, with smoke still coming from the barrel and NOTHING will happen to you other than being moved up and making more money.

I am sure that the ATR's of NYC are giving thanks to you. The horror stories I am reading on FB and here and here are just negated by this Thanksgiving treatise by Disgusting Fariña. The ATR's now have a warm fuzzy now due to the thanks given to them by Disgusting Fariña.

Disgusting Fariña wants to exterminate veteran teachers from the rolls and minds of the NYCDOE. That is all she cares about. There are always enough blind newbie teachers to take our place and when those newbies have too many years, too much knowledge, then they too will be exterminated by Disgusting Fariña.

Disgusting Carmen Fariña is the worst, most disgusting human being in the world. She is nothing more than a Mafia Boss running a syndicate with the principals as her Caporegimes. All know they are untouchable and beyond reproach.

I will be thankful for what I have today and every day Disgusting Fariña. I surround myself with people unlike you who are ethical, loyal, and who live by a strong value and moral system. Not like you, who has no values, no convictions, no ethics, no nothing. You are devoid of a heart, of a soul, and of everything.

Just go away and take care of the dementia (Yeah, we have heard that!) and crawl off into with some golden pension from the city and live out your miserable little life in a old age home sitting around do nothing other than watching the Price is Right, wearing an adult diaper and drooling into a cup.


Mary said...

So do tell us Pete, how do you actually feel about Carmen Farina? Why don't you have an assignment yet?

Pete Zucker said...

Oh, you know me, I am not shy with my opinion.

No assignment just yet. Too soon. I go back next Friday, probably will have it Monday or so.

Anonymous said...

"You create healthy, safe, supportive, and beautiful school buildings"

Really? Let's see broken toilet seats , no paper towele, leaking walls and ceilings, asbestos floors in some areas of the building where even the DOE's computer geeks won't go, classroom floors that are filthy, bathroom toilets that are growing g_d knows what, bathroom tiles that stink because they weren't properly cleaned, sinks that have been leaking for years, garbage on the steps inside, sour milk on the steps outside, holes in a kindergarten bathroom ceiling, a dangerous wall that blocks the view of the guards and is a fire hazard....yeah my building is so healthy, safe and beautiful. Ugh! Fariña would never set foot n my school. She just has her superintendent do her dirty work and she intimidates the administration to pressure the staff.

Anonymous said...

We are coming up o two years of Farina and de Blasio. It seems that rather than accept responsibility for the state of affairs in our schools they will take the Pollyanna approach and tell us that everything is beautiful.