SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: A Bad Week for UFT Solidarity

Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Bad Week for UFT Solidarity

What a week it has been for Portelos and his followers.

First, Portelos was shunned and cast out of the Facebook group he "created" for have the temerity to share one's personal info openly when brought to the carpet about one of his "emails" that would "whoop some ass."

Then he showed how much of a man he truly is by creating some form for those who have felt that Betsy represented herself as a lawyer in which a criminal complaint was threatened.

And then Betsy pulls back the sheath on (as we have alluded to in the past) the Cult of Portelos, (here, here, here, and here).

And then on the Fidgety Teach blog show the similarities between a cult leader and Portelos.

Of course the members of Solidarity are taken aback and probably through orders from their collective embedded chips lash out at Betsy for claiming Solidarity is a "mob."

Oh this is just stuff and nonsense!! Solidarity is a "mob" - as in - "mobsters"???? Is this a slur on our Italian-American identities??? Should we take this as a compliment or as an ethnic SLUR, as 3 of us are of bonafide Italian heritage....?????

Oh and PLEASE - could you fix my photo??? I've changed my Facebook profile pic today....prefer you use that one....which says just what I think of this it is a CARTOON....a favorite from my childhood.....hehe

PLEASE - GET. A. LIFE.  Stop this harassment. It's uncalled for, stupid, and will result in....nothing...NADA....except getting us the sympathy vote in 2016...#uftsolidarity2016
So the above follower believes that Betsy's use of the word "mob" is akin to a slur to Italian-Americans. So wrapped up is this person, and possibly brain-washed, that this person never though of the word mob as...

of, relating to, or characteristic of a lawless, irrational, disorderly, or riotous crowd:
mob rule; mob instincts.
directed at or reflecting the lowest intellectual level of the common people:
mob appeal; the mob mentality.
Yet the above UFT member wants the harassment stopped. Has this UFT member ever asked it's leader to stop his harassment of others who speak out? Has this UFT member ever asked it's leader to cease sending emails to principals that purports to "help" teachers? 

As for a sympathy vote? Please.
This non-UFT member blabbered; 

This is the second time you have deleted my posts and I asked you very nicely to remove my information from this webpage! If you choose not to I will take legal action.  
At what point has the above non-UFT member asked Portelos to remove any information told to him in confidence in which he attempted to shame? Yes, that answer will never be answered.  

But enough of that stuff. 

I might have messed up the other day when claiming that Portelos sent an unsolicited email on the behalf of a teacher at Flushing High School. Several members of The Crack Team reached out to sources at FHS and it was confirmed that this teacher does exist. 

What still bothers us here at SBSB, and this teacher did confirm that he gave Portelos permission to email in the comments section, is what was the background of sending the email and what was promised? 

Did Portelos in eliciting permission to send the email to the principal of Flushing High School promise or intimate that the email was some type of magic elixir that once the principal received the email and seeing Portelos' name he would acquiesce to Portelos' demands? Did Portelos, as one should ethically, explain to the teacher that there might, in all likelihood be negative consequences? 

Here is the problem. Portelos has burned every bridge. No one in the DOE takes his seriously and no one at the UFT like him. The one person that could have helped this teacher at the UFT he has completely ruined (on his own accord) any chance of assistance.


Anonymous said...

Finally the truth is getting out. It is no longer just you South Bronx Teacher shouting to the rafters about Porty and Solidarity. Perhaps some will wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late.

Polo Colon said...

I am so super disappointed in Francesco Portelos! Initially, I thought he was a cool competent crusader for the rights of victimized teachers, but now I can't understand what could have made him fall off the deep end. Why on earth is he serving the needs of the DOE as well as the do-nothings at the UFT by attacking Betsy Combier, as if she had some tremendous power and were responsible for the plight of victimized teachers?

As a former ATR myself, of which I understand Portelos has joined the ranks, though I'm sure not by choice, I have to declare that what ATRs need is a level-headed crusader, someone like the one he disparages the most, Betsy Combier, who has a long-standing powerful and successful record of advocacy for the downtrodden ATRs!

If you're a member of Solidarity, I would caution you to abandon that sinking ship and join Betsy and myself at ATR Connect found at and get truly organized. Resources can be found there that will not be found in any centralized site to help you!

Be smart...think for yourself....don't be a follower...leaders too often are wheelers and dealers! When you're up against a system of administrative terrorists and AGW's (Administrators-Gone-Wild)you have no time to waste on foolishness! Be proactive, eyes wide open!

Anonymous said...

Polo you obviously are just following what Betsy is saying! I personally just asked her on her page if she is an actual paralegal or not snd suddenly my name and picture are then added to her blog? For asking a question? She is the one who is going all crazy and attacking people for no reason!

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to wake up! Portelos has tried to destroy people's reputations after they decide to break away from his cult. If no one believed South Bronx Teacher when it happen to him, all you have to do is read the blog on Portelos not only in SouthBronx Teacher, but in ICE, Chaz, Fidgety and Betsy blog. There is more than enough evidence to show you are dealing with someone who is only interested in POWER for himself at your expense.

Anonymous said...

More free publicity!!! Thanks, Sucker oops Zucker!

Anonymous said...

Really free publicity--- Portelos must be going crazy he is probably losing some of his 100 members!

Pete Zucker said...

Sucker? Gee, I haven't heard that since...5th grade.

Pete Zucker said...

So a reason is needed? Or is it ok when your leader attacks

Polo Colon said...

Anonymous (my name is not hidden) you've obviously fallen for the brainwashed lies about Betsy and are clueless about the big picture here.

If I may allegorize it, it is akin to the sort of missing the mark as Obama calling ISIS the Junior Varsity team! We are up against a formidable adversary that is deeply entrenched and very willing to do us all in. Please stop blindly following idiocy. Too much is at stake, including your own future.

Anonymous said...

Portelos is firmly viewed as a fringe lunatic as well as his sycophants in Solidarity....anybody who is in Solidarity should seriously consider leaving it. Chapter leaders associated with the caucus will be targeted as well as teachers. Are teachers' careers worth being associated with such a arrogant and despicable individual who probably realizes that he will never will be UFT president and his fragile ego can't deal with that very distinct reality?