SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: UFT Solidarity: The Maturity of Francesco Portelos is in Question

Saturday, November 14, 2015

UFT Solidarity: The Maturity of Francesco Portelos is in Question

I made a mistake today.

A dear friend, many know her, posited something on Facebook today and tagged many people. I had engaged with a poster that for some reason was able to see through the grime of Solidarity.

He seemed to be towing some kind of official Solidarity party line of "why can't we all just work together," and of course myself, Norm Scott, and a few others chimed in.

Soon Portelos trolled his way into the thread and to paraphrase Jean-Luc Picard (or was it Q?) I had "engaged the Portelos."

I still have a headache.

One thing led to another and I had mentioned how that several members---ooops, I meant, followers, of UFT Solidarity were not UFT members such as Victor Jordan and Christina Vickers (She's a blog post for another day!). And that these members are in positions to make decisions for UFT members.

So instead of engaging like a grown up, or even a 14 year old, Portelos does something even stranger. If that is possible.

For some reason he retorts back to me, and to Norm as well, to publish the streets we live on as one can see here (Click to enlarge)

The coffee shop reference I guess is about when I was hoping wayyyyyy back in July that we could settle our differences. But knowing Portelos, there is more.

However, I wish I had some clarification on this so I can better prepare myself.

Was this a scare tactic? To scare me into doing what or away from?

A bullying tactic? Maybe. Portleos has bullied in the past when he does not get his way just like a during block time in Kindergarten.

A threat? Nah, clowns are supposed to make people laugh.

A dog whistle for the sycophantic, mindless, brainwashed, followers? Could be.

Here is what one should ask themselves. Why is Portelos even spending more than .000000001 seconds of his life to find where Norm and I live? What, gratification, does he get from this? Does he get some kind of perverse excitement?

I don't know about where Norm lives, but there is not much to do here in West Harrison (Perhaps a West Harrsion Travelogue is in order?). But Portelos and/or his followers are in luck!

West Harrison is just less than a mile from beautiful downtown White Plains! Now, the 5 bus of the Bee-Line system can be caught at the White Plains Metro-North Station or if already staying in White Plains the 5 bus can be caught on Hamilton Ave or Lake St which will get you just into West Harrison.

There is a lake, Silver Lake, in West Harrison. Don't expect to swim or fish in there. It's polluted. Probably from all the baseballs hit into hit from the ball field that parallels it.

But enough kidding aside. Time to be serious.

If this kind of behavior by Portelos does not make those who follow him or those about to get sucked in question if he is the right person to not only be a union leader but to even run a caucus those same people must be questioned as well.

It's funny, the same people who are so vehemently against Mulgrew for his bullying tactics support Portelos. Why is that? It's like an physcially abused spouse leaving the abuser and marrying another physical abuser.

Solidarity people, open your eyes. Not only is Portelos despised at the DOE, where one must be able to get along if a UFT president, he his seen as a joke at the UFT as well as a clown. Yeah, I know, that's par for the course, but there are good people 52 Broadway and he has burned those bridges.

Solidarity people, and I know there are a lot of you that are questioning him. Are you afraid if you speak up he will go after you or your loved ones? If so, you have plenty of places to turn to for support. If so, you can stick up for yourself and not be kowtowed by him.

Solidarity people, pay attention to this next sentence. PORTELOS WILL NEVER BE UFT PRESIDENT. Sparkles my cat has a better chance.

It is time to run very fast and very far from Portelos and Solidarity.

I'd bet my bottom dollar Portelos has dossiers on everyone. Secrets to share just waiting for the right moment.

Something just ain't right.


Anonymous said...

Victor Jordan says he is a retired member of UFT. A dues paying member. Have you asked him before publishing that he is not?

Michael Smith said...

Why are you bringing up this unknown person, Vickers, in your post? She's not a public figure.... #confused #dislike

Pete Zucker said...

My son when he was 4 years old said he was the Red Power Ranger. It did not make him one.

Betsy Combier said...

The UFT Solidarity Brand is Not What UFT Members Need

Polo Colon said...

Infighting, like the one being promoted by Portelo's Solidarity will undoubtedly lead to Mulgrew's landslide victory.

Even though there are many flaws in Unity, much as with Hillary Clinton, in order to have a chance of winning despite her ferocious incompetence and xeries of serious lies to the American people, even the dumbercratic party is smart enough to know not to bring up her lies and emails at their debate. They have agreed not to infight so they can succeed in their coronation of her.

Solidarity is strategically abysmal in this regard and will not make much of a dent. ICE and MORE have a better chance of dethroning the chosen one - even though they are politically impotent.

Anonymous said...

Why does Portelos' number 2 look like he hasn't taken a shower in weeks....on the strength of that alone no one should have anything to do with Solidarity....his ass looks straight nasty and unkempt.

Pete Zucker said...

Dear Michael Smith:

Christina Vickers:

Polo Colon said...

Infighting, once again, will lead to abject failure. Guys, you are all feeding the gargantuan monstrous appetite of Teachers' enemies for the continuation - and expansion - of attacks on Teachers!

This needs to end immediately, if not sooner! There are, sadly, new teachers in large numbers, seeking leadership that will vigorously support them in their hopes for a decent future in their chosen careers. They see themselves (and rightfully so) as pedagogues - professdionals. What they need to compliment this honorable vision is an equally substantive leadership. They don't get that with all of this bullshit! Neither do the rest of us!

It is totally counterproductive. It will stain and defile all involved!

I call for a meeting of the various disparate parties to come together, bury all of the hatchet-talk to formulate an agreeable platform to make sure the real needs of teachers are worked in and that a real solidarity and unity take place. I'm not talking mealy-mouthed kumbaya. I am simply saying we only have a half year to get this together - and time is quickly slipping away. It's not much time, but we are not out of time. Take your freakin egos and flush them down the toilet bowl of history for the sake of Teachers and for the sake of our community's children!

ed notes online said...

Polo. We had a meeting at the end of June and were told we could only work together if we accepted the solidarity candidate for president. Is that what you want given what has been happening? So how do you bury a hatchet when all the other groups - new action, more, ice, Tjc etc democratically decided together that Jia Lee is our presidential candidate and an untested caucus that came into existence for the express purpose of promoting one person's candidacy? There is nothing to talk about. But let's not get hysterical here. The totals of the different slates will not top unity whether they run together or separately. That is the current reality and nothing will change that until teachers wake up and that won't happen until there's mass destruction and layoffs due to charter growth and the next charter friendly mayor who will make Bloomberg look like a pussy cat. Unity knows that is coming and trying to buy time for themselves. I do believe that change will come but we are not there yet.

Anonymous said...

Porty's trying to figure where you live?

But this isn't surprising, as this is the same guy that insisted that he needed ATRs' DOE email addresses. When they protested his Portelos wannabes did his bidding and ridiculed people that insisted on privacy and keeping a mile distance from DOE email addresses.

And then he sent messages to people at their DOE addresses.

Even Unity has the sense to specifically members for non-DOE addresses.

Anonymous said...

Very fascinating material at Betsy Combier's site. He appears to be violating two Specifications from the city's suit:


During the 2011-2012 school year, Respondent inappropriately accessed and/or retrieved Department information, including, but not limited to, a Department email account and/or email messages of another Department employee.


During the 2011-2012 school year, Respondent inappropriately accessed a Department email account and/or email messages of another Department employee.

Anonymous said...

The only maturity I question is yours.