SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Is NYC Corporation Counsel David Mou Serving in a Fiduciary Manner?

Monday, February 29, 2016

Is NYC Corporation Counsel David Mou Serving in a Fiduciary Manner?

Driving a lot gives you time to think. Did a lot of driving over the weekend and as sometimes is the case began to think of my lawsuit.

We are coming up on 19 months since DR Alison Coviello; Principal and Ed.D of PS 154 in the Bronx was served with papers. Now yes, I do understand that a lawsuit is a long and arduous process and that things take time. I know for a fact that I have been quite well served by my lawyer, Bryan Glass, but that is what got me to thinking. Has the City of New York been well served by it's lawyer, David Mou? The Crack Team was surveyed and we think not. Jeez, if David Mou was billing by the hour it would be safe to say that David Mou is ripping the city off. How so? Let's examine things.

We do know how David Mou dragged his feet responding to the lawsuit back in 2014 when first presented with the case. But that is understandable. David Mou was hoping I would get terminated and the case would go away. It didn't. We even held out a rope to him while we filed a motion to default whilst he got his panties in a bunch. How does he repay our consideration? You can see it here (This is not David Mou, but an actor hired by The Crack Team).

But what is curious, and Zachary Carter should investigate, is why, when we made David Mou a very generous settlement offer did he not take it, nor at the very least bring it to his superiors?

When we had our first compliance meeting in July, an offer was made to David Mou that we would accept all negative ratings pulled from my file, that the suspension would be ended immediately, AND, that the city can keep the pay they had confiscated of mine from June.

Now that is a DEAL. Even Trump can't do deals like that.

Did David Mou take this offer to his superiors and  Zachary Carter (Technically David Mou's clients) as wont an attorney's fiduciary duty is to do? Doubtful. Should he have? Hey neither myself nor The Crack Team are lawyers but one thing we do know to do is to act ethically.

 But again, myself and The Crack Team are not lawyers.

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