SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: UFT Solidarity: Francesco Portelos Drops His Pants Being Wrong Yet Again

Monday, February 8, 2016

UFT Solidarity: Francesco Portelos Drops His Pants Being Wrong Yet Again

In the past I have started off a blog post using a quote from Rush, or made use of a Star Trek quote somewhere in a post. For those who still have one foot in living in their parents basement as do I, this is your lucky day. I am using quotes from both a Rush (War Paint from 1989's Presto CD) song and from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Please bear with me, the point will soon be evident. 

"All puffed up with vanity/We see hear what we want to see hear"

"....but like a poor marksman, you keep missing the target"

Both lines fit Portelos better than his trousers do!

 As many know, Jia Lee, MORE/New Action candidate for UFT president appeared with me on my quite rudimentary Internet radio show this past Thursday. In the issue of being fair I extended an invitation to UFT Solidarity Leader Francesco Portelos to appear as well. His reaction is here;

First, thanks to Portelos for choosing me to help him pass the time on his drive to Albany. I usually choose music, or Howard Stern, but I am honored that he chose me. But to address his well thought out, lucid points.

One, can we stop living almost three years in the past? I was not close to MORE nor Jia at the time, and I don't know if Jia knew much about me. But who cares? Obviously Portelos. It's 2016 gosh darn it!

But then Portelos blabbers asking me how it felt when Jia said;
"...back when rubber rooms existed."
Yeah, Jia said that, and if you listen at about the 6:26 mark, I corrected her.

But unlike Portelos, I (And the vast, vast majority of grown ups), not only have the cognitive ability to know when people actually make a mistake as to misspeaking, but I (as well as the vast, vast majority of grown ups), before I post something on social media always seek to verify what I am about to post lest I get caught holding my you-know-what in my hands like Portelos has for the gazillionth time.

If Portelos only had A) a better sound system in his car, B) Was able to clearly hear Jia's voice past all the voices in his head telling him how great he believes he is, or C) Taken the Taconic to Albany instead of the Thruway (less road noise) he would have heard Jia correcting herself just (LISTEN HERE!!) before I did.

To Jia, please accept my apologies for not originally hearing what you had said. For this transgression, and the shame it has brought upon my family, I offer you a pair of Neil Peart autographed drumsticks in return. Use them in good health (its a Jewish thing. You get new underwear, that is what is said)!

But why you might ask, is this pertinent to you, John and Jane Q. Schoolteacher? Because Portelos is screaming for attention help. He wants to debate Jia. He his desperate.

But there are some many Portelos' comedic acts to share on these pages, we have to wait for another day to discuss the debate.

But one last thing.

Why hasn't Portelos sent the same request for a debate to Unity? Why just MORE? As it is written on the UFT Solidarity website, Unity is invited to debate as well. Yet strangely, no invitation to Unity has been forthcoming as of press time.

The Crack Team, along with our Crack Team Consigliere, Tom Hagen, discussed whether or not MORE should entertain such a request. One thing popped into everyone's minds.

Let's see Portelos and his minions get 900 REAL (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Clark Kent are not, nor have ever been, UFT members!) signatures on the petition first. Yes, a daunting task, but perhaps Portelos can get some signatures in exchange for some entertainment? What is it he does well??

Hmmm...dropping his pants, again and again, and again.


Anonymous said...

Watch Porty run.
Watch Porty run more against MORE than Unity.
Which is why Porty is more concerned about Jia Lee than Mulgrew.
In 2013 MORE challenged Mulgrew to a debate. No response. There will be no response this time either. So MORE apparently isn't even bothering to ask Mulgrew. Some people think they should just to embarrass him. Is he capable of being embarrassed? They should do it anyway. But using the empty chair thing is so old.
Back when Porty met with Randi and then formed his caucus a week later he was accused of being a tool of Unity and Randi.
By challenging Jia Lee to debate rather than Mulgrew, isn't that exactly what he has become? Divide the opposition.
As for the 900 signatures, he will get them in a snap. If necessary out of a phone book. Even if it requires forgery while Unity will look the other way so he gets on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

Am i reading this wrong or did they ask Michael Mulgrew as well?

UFT Solidarity asks Mulgrew & Lee to Debate Portelos. No Response.

Pete Zucker said...

You did not read it wrong. But remember this.

There is reality and the reality Portelos creates in his mind.

UFT/Unity has not been contacted by Portelos.

QueensSpedTeach said...

Jia stated on her facebook that she did not know there was a real ATR problem.... So why would it be weird that she didn't know that rubber rooms still existed? Living in priveleges world you don't see what really exists....

Quinn Zannoni said...

Sir, there is a lot that's factually wrong in this article. Portelos did not contact MORE, I did (the union democracy committee chair of Solidarity). And we DID contact Unity for the debate -- it's in the CC line of the email we sent to MORE.

Pete Zucker said...

Wow Quinn, you allowed to speak, or are just being allowed to?

Anyhoo, perhaps it was CC'd to UFT but maybe it went into spam folder where I'm sure anything Solidarity emails to UFT goes.

I'm sure you know by now Portelos is Solidarity. It's all him all the time. Whomever from Solidarity speaks is speaking on behest of your Leader or just parroting the Leader.

But while we're talking about factual inaccuracies care to point of the inaccuracies here;

Or to the mindless Solidarity (Squeaky Fromme)hack that commented just above yours that claims that Jia as per a Facebook post didn't know there is an ATR problem or claiming (again parroting your Leader) what has already been refuted. That Jia didn't know there are still Rubber Rooms?

Have you bothered to ever ask your Leader to cease and desist with his complete misuse of reality?

Anonymous said...

What is most concerning for me is that Mr. Portelos continues to create personal attacks as opposed to discussing issues. I really do not think he can form a proactive, productive or progressive vision. He needs to be aggressive, bombastic and reactionary. That is the area where he excels. Therefore, he needs to debate, tweet, blog or otherwise express himself in an oppositional defiant manner. No substance just personal attacks and attempts to humiliate people.

The more Mr. Portelos is entertained the more destructive he is. He can not improve the situation for any UFT member with his crazy rants and an unwillingness to understand the concept of building coalitions (as opposed to his current strategy of alienating anyone not agreeing with his misguided perception of himself and those around him). Mr. Portelos continues to make his circle of allies smaller and his circle of enemies bigger. There is no future in that way of doing business.

Nothing positive can be gained by inviting Francesco Portelos into a conversation.

Anonymous said...

Portelos doesn't just damage the people he disagrees with but also people he states that he is helping. I watched him gas up a couple of teachers do get them involved with a cause and after those very teachers ended up on the short end of the campaign he was no where to be found.

The only thing worse for your career/reputation than being a Portelos enemy is being one of his so called friends.

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to see a rational analysis. Portelos has a history of being a divider. He divided his school into 2 armed camps. If you opposed his tactics you were branded as a supporter of the principal when most people in the school also opposed the principal. The outcome was that he weakened the fight against an abusive administration, not strengthened it.
He has done the same with the ATRS, some of whom misguidedly believe he is their great defender. ATRS were beginning to come together and he promised he would not misuse the ATR issue to troll for his caucus. Of course he violated that agreement and ATRs were divided even into 2 lists on facebook. Teachers under attack also. He and Betsy started fighting. Who doesn't he fight with? Mulgrew?