SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: 33 Is a Sad Number

Friday, March 25, 2016

33 Is a Sad Number

Thirty-three. It is an interesting number. So many associations. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Rolling Rock beer, Jose Canseco, Patrick Ewing, Kris Draper, Eddie Murray along with so many others who wore that number with pride.

But today we shall talk about the indignity, or rather, the albatross of the number 33 and what it really means.

It means that one is a false prophet, a charlatan, a fraud, a huckster.

For months we have been hearing of the solid power emanating from a little itsy bity man, Landru. 

Landru preys on people's fears. Makes false promises. Promised his cult that he would lead them to the promised land. That all would be fine. 

But when push came to shove, when crunch time came, Landru failed and failed big.

The worse part is Landru could not accept it. Landru couldn't handle that the rules applied to him.

"WAH-WAH-WAH," cried Landru and like that dork we always see with that lateral lisp screamed out, "I'LL SUE YOU!!! I'LL SEE YOU IN COURT!!!"

Why couldn't Landru have more than 33 Lawgivers to serve him? Too many know the real truth of Landru, they are no longer "of the body." They see through the charade.

Landru was too focused on himself say some. Some say that many didn't want to be seen with or supporting Landru. But most say that the numbers that Landru spoke of were an illusion, and fraud, and roomful of mirrors.

But what Landru is is nothing but a paper tiger.  A scared paper tiger that is acts tough but in reality scurries away, not like a cockroach but a rat, when the chips are down and refuses to look in the mirror at Landru's inabilities.

Look behind the wall and see what Landru really is. Festival is no more.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying Portelos only got 33 people to run with Solidarity after all the noise he makes online?

Pete Zucker said...

I'm saying Landru