SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Come to Bronx MORE Happy Hour on March 24!!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Come to Bronx MORE Happy Hour on March 24!!!

Come to a Bronx MORE Happy Hour!

Thursday March 24  4 p.m.
Wish 37 Bar
37 Bruckner BlvdBronx, NY

  • Do you want a more democratic union?
  • Do you support the opt out movement and Oppose Common Core, Danielson Evaluations and High Stakes Testing?
  • Do you think that teachers and all city workers deserve paid parental leave?
  • Do you oppose systemic school segregation and racism?
  • Do you oppose the delayed payment of retroactive pay and the increase in health care co-pays that stem from concessions in our last contract?

Come discuss the upcoming UFT election with MORE election candidates and activists in the Bronx.  Meet High School Executive Board candidate David Garcia Rosen, restorative dean and athletic director at the Bronx Academy of Letters and the lead organizer of NYCLetEmPlay which fights to end unequal access to sports across the city.


Anonymous said...

No thanks. Lets go Solidarity!

Anonymous said...

Be careful. Portelos might show up from Solidarity and take pictures. The next thing you know he will claim his support base is increasing exponentially on his website. Sorta like all his other revisionist history talk.

Jonathan said...

Alas, I have a meeting elsewhere, then dinner. Include me in spirit.