SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Might This Be the End of the UFT?

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Might This Be the End of the UFT?

Is it the end of the world UFT as we know it, is it the end of the world UFT as we know it, and should I feel fine? 

Earlier this week, the New York Post's intrepid reporter, Carl Campanile, basically wrote a story on how the $128 million budgeted UFT might have to change it's ways with the Janus court case expected to reach the Supreme Court sometime this year. The roosters are coming home to roost at 52 Broadway.

According to the Post, the UFT;
is a far-flung enterprise with a $42 million payroll that includes more than 700 members paid to perform full-time or part-time union duties
with borough reps, district reps and 65 staffers each making more than $150,000. Mulgrew pulls in $283,000.
See, this is just not right. This shows that the leadership is just completely out of touch. Yes, there are some in the UFT who actually, in my opinion, that do earn that money. But why do salaries have to be that high? Why must there be such a disparity between the "anointed ones" and the rank and file? Heck, I know someone from my town who works for the UFT and he makes 30% more than I do and he has never taught. He's a great guy, a great dad, and I like him quite a bit, but he should not be making more than teacher. At least with District and Borough Reps, officers, you can make an argument for, but someone who has not risen through the ranks making that And, I would not begrudge Mulgrew his salary if he was more transparent. Or accessible. Or proactive. Or listened.

How exactly is OUR money being spent. Why isn't each member of the UFT mailed or given EASY access to how each and every dime is spent?

But according to the Post, the UFT might be getting a clue in regards to this summer's retreat...

The event was held at UFT headquarters at 52 Broadway instead of the Hilton Westchester in Rye, NY, where the union typically holds its retreats.
That's a start! I've been to that retreat. The grub served there is much, much better than most Bar Mitzvah's. Hey, at least have the retreat where there is a golf course. The Doral Arrowwood about 5 minutes up the Hutch in Purchase has a decent 9 hole course. Solve problems, etc... over match play or best ball.

But this must have the UFT crappin' it's pants...
If the Supreme Court rules against government employee unions, membership and dues revenues would likely plummet by 20 percent to 30 percent, labor sources said. The union would have to get written consent directly from teachers to collect dues from them.
It's now a death watch. Who will be this 20-30 percent? The newbie blonde hair and blue eyed teachers who still have mommy and daddy pay for the closet sized apartment in Manhattan while Junior weekends in the Hamptons with his babe Buffy.

Yeah, these teachers can't look past their their next drink when the hang out in their hipster bars in Brooklyn or Amsterdam Ave nursing their craft beers (WHAT IS WRONG WITH JUST HAVING A COORS LIGHT?) while they converse how special they are that they, the rich chosen ones, are sacrificing and delaying their ascent into business or law school.

Let them shit themselves when they need representation in a discipline meeting or worse, a lawyer. Let them be on their own.

Better yet, and this should happen with a reverse lawsuit, if you don't pay the dues you get noting. Bupkus. Nada.

Yeah, I am not happy with the UFT leadership. But I will keep paying my dues because not only do my dues benefit me but my dues benefit other teachers.

Once you stop paying your dues you get none of the spoils of the contract. You must negotiate your own salary with the principal. You teaching schedule. Your days off. Your hours. EVERYTHING! No health benefits. No welfare fund,. No pension. No nothing.

You don't pay union dues, you are then a independent contractor. Heck, you are paid as a 1099 and have to pay your taxes quarterly.

Every CL in each school will share a list of teacher's that refuse to pay dues and those teachers will be nothing more than rats and scabs. Let them be an island onto themselves. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

Same goes for the UFT. They need to get their act together. Show us what you got. Now.


Anonymous said...

I hate to be overly pessimistic, but the chances that our unions will get their acts together are slim to none. They are more interested in organizing charter school teachers than in protecting veteran public school teachers. They are just as happy to have two newbies for the price of one. A school in Newark is riddled with asbestos and I have yet to hear a peep out of the NTU. A lot of teachers of my acquaintance are planning not to pay their dues. If it is bad now, it will only get worse without a union.

Abigail Shure

Anonymous said...

Fact is that anyone who does not pay union dues will be a "free rider" and they will still get all the benefits of the UFT without paying for it, including lawyer representation. I do agree that chapter leaders should post a list of non-payers in each school. They are scabs 100%!

Anonymous said...

I will continue to pay dues as will the close to ten teachers I have talked to about the issue. As to your question: WHAT IS WRONG WITH JUST HAVING A COORS LIGHT? Nothing at all if one enjoy Coors light. If one likes craft beer, one drinks craft beer. Why even point it out?

ed notes online said...

They can't come to chapter meetings I think and also can't vote in chapter elections. Not the main thing but also I would think free riders may find it not so easy to get services when they need it. Not that current services are so great.

Anonymous said...

Barbie and Ken are actually the one's that may stay - as the UFT caters much more to them than they do to us old timers. I really don't want to opt out of paying dues but the UFT has not helped when I last asked for it. I represented myself and was successful. I won't mind them posting my name in neon letter as a non-paying teacher and if I do opt out I'll write Screw you UFT. Who the fuck would drink Coors Light or any beer for that matter - if you're going to drink have something strong and good. There's nothing stronger than the sweet tasting opt out option that will be served by Janus - ($) 112 proof.

Anonymous said...

A few points: 1) I proudly drink Olde Enlish "800". 2) The UFT does not cater to Ken and Barbie anymore than they cater to us crusty old timers. 3) Most teachers don't give 2 shits if they get to vote in a chapter election. 4) Any non-paying teacher should not have access to a parking permit. 5) A lot of the old timers like me will continue to pay dues as we are wise enough to know that a crappy union is better than no union. We don't want to deal with charter school sweatshop working conditions.

Pete Zucker said...

My brother in law was an art teacher in Hillsborough County (Tampa) Florida for ten years. I implored him to join the union but he didn't want to shell out the money so when he was called in for discipline issues he was left holding his schlontz in his hand.

@anonymous 4:41 Point #5 hits nail on head!

As for beers, I was in Montreal last week and nothing is like Molson Canadian in Canada. Higher alcohol content. Brought a six pack home. Did the same when I went to Toronto in '06. Brought home Labatt's Blue.

Funny thing is we went to CFL game. Montreal Alouettes vs Ottawa RedBlacks. For some inane reason Budweiser was the beer sold. Cow piss.

Anonymous said...

Olde English is better than Coors Light, but they're both shit. I'm an ATR and haven't been to a chapter meeting in 5 years. The school I'm in has 20 new teachers, that were seen as a group by a UFT rep this past Wednesday. I don't have a parking permit and currently pay 10 bucks a day. 112 bucks a month is too much - it should be at least half that and that would still be too much, because it's not about the money . Double salaries, posh trips, and a big fuck you when I asked for help. I'm on the fence because I agree, having a crap Union is better than none at all. Enjoy those beers fellas.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bronx Teacher: If Janus goes through and teachers in NYC don't have to pay dues, they will still get legal representation by the UFT. Free riders will still get everything that us dues payers will get. That's why we gotta make sure to put up a list of all dues payers and a list of the scab free riders when Janus goes through. Anyway, enough typing, time for me to crack my 40oz of Olde English "800" and forget about stuff for a while!

Anonymous said...

It is not known what free riders will get or not get, and much will depend on new state laws. The Taylor law must be redone if Janus goes through. Also, do scabs get UFT welfare fund benefitss? Dues are now tax deductible for both federal and state, so that reduces the expense (and benefit of free riding) considerably.

Right to Work has never been imposed upon a state yet, so it will be new ground for the state to mitigate the effects.

Anonymous said...

Colors light is piss water. Just saying.

I will continue to pay dues. I'm an ATR that is in that Purgatory range (11 years). Fact is, when you say you're in a union and if you Troy believe in it, you pay your dues.