SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Teacher Bathroom Behavior Charges

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Teacher Bathroom Behavior Charges

The following comes from the files of, "You Can't Make This Shit Up!"

Last month Chaz in a blog post wrote...
Up until this previous school year the Office of Legal Services would include every trivial infraction as a specification in an educator's 3020-a charges and this was known as "throwing shit on the wall and hope enough sticks" to get the arbitrator to terminate the educator.  
You left toilet seat up once? It's chargeable. You farted in a non-prescribed, unapproved DOE manner? It's chargeable. Well, check this stuff out.

A colleague of mine just got hit with 3020-a charges today. Among the normal incompetence and teaching stuff were two doozies. Perhaps the first time charges of this type were ever leveled against a teacher. What are the gist of these charges?

Proper bathroom hygiene. I kid you not.

One charge involves my friend, let's call him Aaron Goldstein. One day, in fact one morning, Aaron arrived at his school and suddenly his stomach started to "percolate." His stomach started to rumble, and at this moment Aaron felt the need to relieve himself. Being that he was on the first floor of the school he started heading upstairs to the fourth, and highest, floor where there is the only men's bathroom in the school (This particular school was built over one hundred years ago. If you ever been in one of these the schools, the fourth floor can seem like climbing a mountain).

Aaron ascended the stairs as quickly as he could, trying his best to hold in what is colon wanted to push out. He finally made it into the bathroom but alas, Aaron was a bit too late. Let's just say Aaron missed his target, and instead created a scene such as Jackson Pollock would've. Not just in the stall, but on himself as well.

Aaron, being the professional that he is, cleaned himself up, made sure there were no remnants left behind, cleaned the stall, and reported the issue. He had to. For he had to go home. It is safe to assume that the custodial staff was called in.

I empathize with Aaron. I am diabetic and one of the drugs I take, Metformin, tends to make you this way. One of my biggest fears is that this will happen at school.

Not too long after this incident Aaron had to go pee-pee. Again, Aaron was on the first floor and the men's room was in another time zone. The first floor just had a ladies room as do the third and fourth floors.

Aaron had the pressing need to pee. Now we here at SBSB do not know if Aaron has prostate issues, had an UTI, or had drank an inordinately large amount of water that day. All Aaron was aware of is that he had to pee. Badly.

Aaron went to the first floor ladies room. He made sure no one was in there and he locked it when he went in. He soon had a gladder bladder.

But that is not what Aaron got written up for and what he is now being charged with. Aaron got written up for leaving three droplets of pee on the seat. Yes, Aaron should have lifted the seat and yes an argument can be made that he should not have used the ladies room. But one can also make the case that Aaron was so traumatized from his previous bathroom incident, that he just felt he could not make it to the fourth floor.

This is just inane. This is yet another case of the DOE throwing whatever it can find and  throwing it against the wall, to see what happens. It's also another case about disparities in discipline. If Aaron were a favorite all he would have had was a talking to.

We here at SBSB are calling for an equal distribution of bathrooms in all NYC public schools, as well as ensuring that all bathrooms be no more than two floors from another male or female bathroom. This way we can ensure that there will be no more incidents like Aaron's


Anonymous said...

You can't make this shit up! (The school in question would not happen to be PS 25 in the Bronx would it? I used to work there and the only mens's bathroom was on the 4th floor as well and the building is over a hundred years old)

Anonymous said...

I feel so bad for this teacher. We are all humans and should not have to deal with the inhumanity of having to run up 4 flights of stairs just to use the bathroom. I currently work in a very small school in Manhattan and we have 3 "teacher/adult" bathrooms on 2 different floors and they are unisex. It is completely unfair for one gender to have to have to go up so many floors when there are others on lower floors one gender can't use.

Anonymous said...

When you are an ATR, it's the little things that matter most. Like bathrooms, having a lounge to go to, having a key. I've mostly been lucky but I know this isn't the case everywhere. Feel bad for this guy. Wish I could say I ca t believe it, really wish I could.

Life in Limbo said...

And when we share our own similar stories, people not in the DOE think we are exaggerating because the absurdity really is unbelievable. (I had a colleague get a U on an observation because she stopped her lesson for 45 seconds to sharpen a student's pencil, which indicated a lack of planning that caused a significant loss of instructional time. She was denied tenure and discontinued in part because of this. Another crime of hers was taking a sip of water during a lesson.)

Anonymous said...

If I were the ATR I'd say: Go ahead, Make my day.
Open and shut Americans with Disabilities Act violation.

Anonymous said...

disabilities act violation,and other violations will be discussed with a lawyer or lawyers I'm sure.lawsuit against doe and whoever made that charge will most probably be pursued.

Anonymous said...

Why is this?/ Bloomberg crapped all the time and no one said anything.

Anonymous said...

No one said anything because he crapped on us!

Anonymous said...

I dont believe your/his account of this story. If he didnt make it to the bathroom in the first incident, why was crap all over the bathroom? It should either be in the toilet, or in his pants. Hes some kind of scatalogical fetishist, or just a disgusting pig. The second instance is probably reported iaccurately, as well. Never accept these kinds of stories without serious doses of skepticism.