SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: MORE Misjudges It's Priorities Yet Again

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

MORE Misjudges It's Priorities Yet Again

It's June 20. The school year is about over. What's happening in the world of the NYCDOE?

We got family leave. I will write more about this tomorrow. ATRs are getting the rating sheets in. Some are not very happy. I had to counsel one very pissed off ATR the last few days. The Open Market is out but as we know it's a scam. Regularly assigned teachers are find out whether or not they are ineffective, developing, effective, or highly effective. Teachers are being denied tenure or having their probation extended. Teachers city wide are taking copious amounts of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. ATRs are concerned if the next contract will be their end. Teachers are facing abusive principals. Teachers see incompetent and crooked principals get away with everything. The list can go on and on and on and on.

But where there should have been leadership, a light to guide the rank and file by, to grab the bull buy the proverbial testicles has once again taken an opportunity to miss the opportunity.

MORE again stretches a triple into a single.

At tonight's Delegate Assembly MORE is bringing up a resolution (in which none of the above, nor anything that was not mentioned that would be 100% beneficial to the rank and file) matters one iota to putting food on a teacher's table, putting a teacher's children through college, or just having a teacher not dread going to school in the morning.

What is this resolution? It's all about the upcoming New York State gubernatorial election y in September. More so, in my opinion, it is more to get Howie Hawkins name out there.

Look, I think Andrew Cuomo is a complete putz. As for Cynthia Nixon, I want more information. I think she is a stalking horse and put in there by De Blasio to piss off and pull Cuomo to the left. But Hawkins? He's turning into Lyndon LaRouche or Gus Hall. Just running for the sake of running. Besides, his policies are fantasy land.

It really needs to be realized that a teeny, tiny, percentage of the rank and file has true Socialist inclinations. Most have nice egalitarian lives and those are fine. Then there are the Evangelical Socialists that are completely out of touch with reality and seek out young impressionable teachers that still live on mommy and daddy's dime to convert. I get it with these kids. They move to New York City Brooklyn, they are own their own for the first time, they want to save the world. But they are missing the bigger picture.

Any UFT caucus must do right for the ENTIRE rank and file, not just their little corner of the DOE world. MORE in essence has become a top down organization just like the UFT and it's agenda now only benefits a select few.


Anonymous said...

That’s who MORE is. Was that way 4 years ago, all the more evident now. They have no interest in reaching the average hard working rank and file with a mortgage and two kids. They’re a little specialty group with no desire to be a true contender to build a strong unified UFT.
Thanks for writing this. Maybe someone in MORE will read it and get woke.

Anonymous said...


Hmm... wait, I know I've heard the name somewhere...

OK,don't tell me: do you mean the group that hypocritically mouths words about union democracy, but spends a lot of its time purging founding members who represented pluralism and a variety of political beliefs within the group?

Do you mean the group that secretly circulates resolutions among select members, while ignoring members of its own Steering Committee and other founding members with diverse political views?

Do you mean the group that would prefer to glom onto absolutely any pet Left cause, instead of engage with actual teachers, and ask what their issues are and what they want to see their union do?

Do you mean the group that purges people because they have some questions about the political efficacy of trying raise Leon Trotsky from the dead?

Nah, never heard of 'em.