SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Mulgrew and UFT Came Through on Parental Leave

Friday, June 29, 2018

Mulgrew and UFT Came Through on Parental Leave

I am or was agnostic about parental leave. Kind of the way how I feel about inter league play in MLB. If the Yankees never played the Reds (except in the World Series) again I couldn't care less. I mean heck, my wife is 55. Her child bearing days are over. But we have it and I am happy for those who plan to take advantage of it. I would have much rather have had family leave, but let's take it step by step.

My biggest concern about parental leave was how much it would cost me and others in my past their child bearing years cohort. Having the contract extended another 73 days plus full salary for six weeks is not bad. Look at what DC 37 gave up for family leave. Yes, DC 37 will get up to 10 weeks, but only up to 55% of their salary. Plus, they will have .13% deducted from each pay check.

Having said that, we got the better deal and it could have been worse if it were not for Mulgrew.

A very very good source has shared with The Crack Team here at SBSB that the city was originally demanding a deduction from our check of .5%. After confirming with my 17 year old son, .5% is more than .13%. Mulgrew held his ground that there would be no deduction.

Plus, the timing of the announcement last week was no coincidence. Mayor De Blasio was about to fly down to Texas to show solidarity with the parents and children being separated but he was about to be shamed by the UFT for showing more concern for the children down in Texas than the unborn children of NYC teachers.

I'll give credit where credit is due. Let's hope this holding firm is a pattern in the upcoming contract negotiations.


Anonymous said...

The city has an eight billion surplus. They should have paid it like they did for CUNY.
we get a three month pay freeze.

Forget about the unity spin. It was another hurtful loss. JANUS will make the dues harvesting operation tighten its belt and actually do something good for the dues paying members or become extinct as it so richly deserves.
Treacherous cretins.

Anonymous said...

Still think it's so great?

Pete Zucker said...

I never said it was great. I think it could have been worse.