SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The DOE Has Entered Super Duper Villainy

Friday, August 23, 2019

The DOE Has Entered Super Duper Villainy

I thin the DOE has stepped up in the world to the level of a "super villain." I mean if they haven't
reached that level before. Perhaps they are now a "super duper villain."

The story goes, and I got this from none other than Chaz the Blogger, was if you went through a 3020-a hearing and kept your job, but were fined more than $2k, or a month suspension (Chaz, correct me if I am incorrect) you were automatically put in the ATR pool. I mean come on, who would want to go back to a school in which you obviously were not wanted and if you go back, there will be a bigger shit storm raining down on you. I mean, you go through a 3020-a, obviously the principal wants you out there, no? And to see your smiling face come back, don't think for a moment your return will get your principal to say, "OK, it's all water under the bridge."

My biggest worry going through my 3020-a was not just losing my job, but actually winning. As in being found not guilty of all the charges and having no choice but to return to my school. I had a plan for just that contingency. My first day back I would've come dressed to school as Corporal Klinger. I had the outfit picked out. Short, short, black dress, red 5 inch heels, show some cleavage, and red lipstick. Thankfully, I didn't have to go that way.

The arbitrator automatically put me into the ATR pool along with a four month suspension. I was free!

But things appear to be changing.

The Crack Team has learned from very high up sources that a teacher who has gone though a hearing and his fined more than $2k does not automatically go into the ATR pool. The only way can happen is if the principal signs off that he/she does not want you back. And it appears some are not signing off on this.

We here at SBSB think there are two reasons for this.

One, is to thin the herd. Too many ATRs are a blight on the DOE. ATRs have been a blemish on the DOE for two long. This way the DOE can show it is doing something, anything to reduce ATRs.

The other reason I believe is more valid.

This ATR thing has backfired on the DOE spectacularly. They still want to thin the herd, but this plan is more diabolical.

Think about this. If you just went through a 3020-a and are sent back to your school do you think the bullshit will end? Nope. It will get worse, much worse. Every little inane thing you do, whether it would be, farting, leaving the toilet seat up, not puckering up, you will be written up for. If you are being observed, a student that fails to raise their hand while all others do, will be a blemish for the teacher. Students aren't walking perfectly on line? That's a letter to your file.

The DOE had been counting on ATR teachers who got fed up to quit. It wasn't happening. Now, with sending teachers back to their schools of horror the DOE is playing GOTCHA! You go back to the same school, under the same circumstances, under the same administration, and under the same bullshit. In no time you will be hit up with 3020-a charges AGAIN!! And this time, they can show that you can not change nor were you rehabilitated. You get terminated. There is a method to this madness.

Case in point. I know of a teacher that got fined $5k. Where will she be on September 3? Right back in her school. And this time, the principal will know better than nailing her with three bullshit charges. The principal will be relentless. And this teacher is one of the few teachers in her school that gives a shit, the kids love, and the parents adore.

The DOE has now entered super duper villainy. Unlike in Batman when the villain put Batman and Robin in some contraption to die and walks away, the DOE will not walk away until there is no longer a teacher's heartbeat.


Anonymous said...

One has to question, again and again, what about the fucking UFT? What do those bunch of bananas have to say about it? Can Mulgrew pull his nose out of DeBlasio’s anus long enough to whisper a response? I don’t think so. Tell your friend to start documenting all the outrageous bullshit she sees and experiences.

Tamar Flower said...

Time to just retire and leave the system, atrs and teachers with assigned positions.. the school system sucks everywhere

Anonymous said...

Hmm. This seems weird. If a principal hates you and wants you out, they are gonna do everything they can to make sure you do not go back to their school. Admins are content to "pass the lemon". Also, this seems like a big waste of money. It costs a shit ton of money to put a teacher through 3020a. (However, it also costs a shit ton of money to keep a teacher on payroll) It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

Anonymous said...

Yes keep us posted what happens to this teacher curious to know.

ed notes online said...

I attended a 3020a hearing recently and the teacher is waiting for outcome. From what I know she is being sent back to the school clearly to become a target. This time we will have eyes watching.