SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: We Here at SBSB Welcome the DSA as Our New Masters and Overlords

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

We Here at SBSB Welcome the DSA as Our New Masters and Overlords

About 10 days ago, James Eterno on the ICE blog shared a story from Politico how the Democratic Socialists of America is planning to infiltrate and then take over the unions of New York City with the UFT seen as the ripest to fall first.

Some highlights from the article include (with a few comments by myself in red)...
The New York City branch of the Democratic Socialists of America presented its members with a strategy last year to gain entry into some of the city’s most powerful labor organizations and ensure they are adhering to the “militant” principles that the group felt had been diluted over time.  

...members approved zeroing in on six of those labor groups 

The organization also identifies ways outsiders can access jobs that would allow them entree into the labor groups.

Another target is the United Federation of Teachers, a nearly 200,000-member union representing teachers, social workers, secretaries and other school employees.   

UFT is the largest local of one of the largest unions in the country. It has the potential to be extremely influential in electoral politics,” the group wrote. “It is extremely internally undemocratic, but there is a reform caucus, MORE, which has many active DSA members.” MORE democratic? Surely, they jest.
“With more DSA teachers, we could bolster and significantly support the internal movement for democracy and militant organizing within the union but it will likely take years to reform the UFT,” Too fucking funny. 
Look, I can see what is coming down real soon. The DSA is for real. They mean business. It won't be long before we are all singing the DSA's praises and lavishing gifts, as well as some form of human sacrifices, upon their leaders. Where do I sign up? 
I've seen the videos. These are people that shouldn't be underestimated nor fucked with. 
After discussing with The Crack Team at an emergency SBSB meeting, and wishing to appeal in a special ass kissery manner to our soon to be new masters and overlords, we present video of a DSA conference. 
The first is from someone's Twitter feed in which you can read all the respectful comments made on the video. The 2nd, a longer video with some redundancy and a little commentary. 


But seriously. First off, I swear this is nearly what a MORE meeting was like. Secondly, this is the future of the labor movement? Where are this children's parents when you need them? My 18 year old son considers himself progressive. He's going to a somewhat progressive college in one of the most progressive cities in New Yok State. He has said he has no time for people who need safe spaces, trigger warnings or whine about micro aggression. 
DSA wants to take over NYC unions? Show some balls. Start with the PBA, the Firefighters union, Sanitation union, Teamsters, Corrections union, and the union for the TWU. Succeed without getting wedgies, swirlies, and Indian Native American burns then I'll listen. Until then, go away.


Tamar Flower said...

👍🏾, thumbs up... I don't know if my emoji shows

Anonymous said...

I hate New York Socialists.

Pete Zucker said...

@ 6:14 you want believe the temper tantrum I had to deal with from some purported, "woke NY socialist" over this.